3 Ways To Spot A Bad Wedding DJ

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Shopping for a wedding DJ?  Overwhelmed by all the choices?  Exactly what is the difference between a $350 Craig’s List DJ and a professional fulltime wedding entertainer?  Here are a few ways to weed out the bad from the good wedding DJs.

  1. No website – Let’s be serious.  In this day and age, your DJ should have an up-to-date website, blog and Facebook page.  (Not just a Facebook page with a couple posts)  If you can’t find video clips, audio recordings and photos of recent weddings that reflect what you are looking for at your wedding – just move on.
  2. No response – If you call, email or text a wedding DJ – proper business etiquette says you should expect a response within a day. An autoresponder of “I’m not in the office” does not count.  We all get our emails instantly on our smartphones and we never go anywhere without them – so why would it take more than a day to respond if they were serious about entrusting them with the success of your wedding.  A quick personal response is expected – even if they are on vacation.  If they take more than 2 days to respond – they probably have another career and DJing your wedding will just be a distraction to them.  Steer clear.
  3. No price list – If they don’t list their prices (or price ranges) on their website or can’t send you a printed price list – they probably are making it up for each inquiry. Something seems fishy – keep shopping.

The average cost for a wedding DJ in our area (New England) is between $1300 and $1600.  I am sure DJ’s know what they are worth and charge a fee that is representative to the quality of their work and skill level.  Don’t expect that a $600 DJ is going to give you the same experience that a $2000 wedding DJ will.  Would you work for $600 if you were worth more than that?  Would you stay in business if you were not worth the $2000 price tag that you charge?  The success of your reception hangs in the balance – choose wisely.


Rob Alberti is owner of Rob Alberti’s Event Services

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