5 Ideas For A Bright, Sun-shiney Wedding

  |   Wedding Decor, Wedding Planning Ideas

Yellow may seem like an unlikely wedding color, but it’s the perfect shade for a beautiful summer day! It can be toned down a bit to create a very warm and relaxing feel or livened up to make for a fun and joyful day.

1.  Dessert: A beautiful cake iced with decorative yellow icing can light up the entire room. You can have the cake designer add in eye-catching designs or incorporate your favorite yellow flowers.

2.  Bouquet: A handful of delicate and girly yellow flowers against your stunning white dress provides for a breath taking walk down the aisle; not to mention the contrast in your photographs. 

3.     Dresses: Subtle yet beautiful yellow bridesmaid’s dresses are perfect for a summer wedding. There are so many shades to choose from that will fit your specific theme or color scheme. 

4.  Invitations: A yellow wedding invitation will automatically make your guests feel cheerful about the big day. You can make the majority of the invitation yellow or just add a few yellow decorative designs.

5.  Centerpieces: Imagine at every guest table there is a beautiful arrangement of yellow flowers or candles creating a completely fun and joyful environment. The flowers used in your bouquets could be incorporated or just a simple yellow candle, it is entirely up to you.



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