5 Things Wedding Couples Wished They Did When Planning Their Wedding

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What are 5 things wedding couples wished they did when planning their wedding? We surveyed some of our past clients and many couples that did not book us for their weddings (and went with a cheaper alternative to our luxury wedding DJ services) to see what they had to say after their wedding was in the past. Did they regret anything or did they wish they knew then what they know now after their wedding was complete?

Here Are The 5 Things That Wedding Couples Wished They Knew While Planning Their Wedding

1. More Time

Everyone wished that they had more time at their wedding. Most wished they had more dance time as it just went by too quickly. A standard 5-hour reception gets eaten up so fast with all the little things. The next thing you know is that things are running behind and it’s always the time dancing that suffers.

At Rob Alberti’s – we will help guide you both before and during your wedding to maximize the time we have for dancing. We might suggest rearranging your itinerary so it flows better or to utilize the natural time between courses to get your guests up and dancing.

If you have the option to add an hour to your wedding package at your venue – that could also take the pressure off of timing issues with meal service or late arriving guests.

2. Don’t Sweat The Details

Too often wedding couples get caught up in the details and forget about the big picture. I tell my wedding clients that there are only really two things they need for their wedding – that’s each other. Everything else is extra. The cake is extra, so is the food and DJ and Photographer. If your end goal is to have an event to celebrate their love and marriage – then, let’s concentrate and designing an amazing day for both the two of them and their guests. We don’t need to sweat the details of what color napkins or who sits with whom. You can hire someone to worry about those things for you or ask a friend to make decisions for you if you don’t have time or don’t care about it.

At Rob Aberti’s – we will help you make decisions or take care of them for you so you can just relax and have an amazing time. We’ll worry about when it’s time for cake cutting or make sure your photographer and parents are in the room and ready to go before anything important happens.

3. Limit The Speeches

I don’t know about you but I just hate it when someone goes ON AND ON for 15 minutes at a wedding during toasts. A great 3-minute speech goes over so much better than someone that can’t get to the punch line or the CHEERS after 10-minutes! Our record was when the mother of one of our brides took 45-minutes to complete her toast. Yes – I said 45-minutes! It all but ruined the wedding. Every minute someone has a microphone in hand and is talking is a minute you don’t get to dance.

At Rob Alberti’s – we highly recommend limiting the length and number of toasts at your wedding. 3 people at 3 minutes each is about all that should happen. More than that and we need to stage them in separate blocks of time (that gets subtracted from your dance time).

Wedding Toasts

4. The Importance Of Lighting At Your Wedding

Wedding couples forget to budget for lighting at their wedding. A picture like this does not just accidentally happen. It is planned by your wedding photographer and the lighting is carefully installed by our talented lighting technicians.

At Rob Alberti’s – we offer string lighting, pinspots, LED uplighting, tent lighting and dance lighting. Based on your venue – we can help you create an amazing backdrop for your wedding photography.

5. The Right Entertainment Makes A Wedding AMAZING

The fact is – your wedding photographer could not show up for your wedding. The food could be cold. Your dress could have a big stain on it and the limo could have broken down. All of these things just fade away once the music starts and guests are surrounding you on the dance floor and everyone is having a great time.

It’s all about the entertainment. Hiring a DJ because they were $400 less than someone else – just guarantees that you got a DJ that was worth less than the other guy. You could give the same DJ gear, same music with the same crowd to two different wedding Djs and get completely different results. That $800 DJ would be charging $2000 for weddings if they were worth it and couples would be lined up to hire them at that price if they were worth it. If you were worth 2x as much as your co-worker, wouldn’t you be out looking for a better job or demanding a raise?

At Rob Alberti’s – we understand that we are not the cheapest alternative for your wedding DJ choice. We also have seen and worked with so many other area DJs and Wedding Bands while doing our custom lighting, that we know our worth. When all your guests are up and dancing and not sitting around wondering when the DJ or band is going to play something good – you will understand why the right DJ will make your wedding AMAZING.

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