5 Unique Ways To Number Your Tables

  |   Wedding Decor, Wedding Planning Ideas

Candles- Light up the table number with a beautiful candle that matches your color scheme. It provides soft romantic lighting with a very elegant feel.

Edible- Ever think about making your table numbers a part of the dessert? These numbers are made out of swirled lollipops. 

Centerpiece- Incorporate your number into the centerpiece; for example, tie it around a flower vase, or you could even find a way to put it inside your centerpiece!

Wine- Put the table numbers on a nice bottle of wine or whatever type of beverage you choose to leave at your tables; the guests will never forget their number.

Frame It- Keep it simple and elegant with a nice frame that matches your centerpiece. It will not draw the eye away from everything else, but will still be noticeable when guests are searching for their tables.