Tent Wedding Lighting Ideas – Barn Weddings Lighting Ideas

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Tent Wedding Lighting Ideas + Barn Weddings Lighting Ideas

Tent Wedding Lighting Ideas: Having a tent wedding or barn wedding? They are all the rage as of late. How do you make your barn wedding or tent wedding unique? The simple answer is WITH LIGHTING and decor. When looking at barn wedding venues – it’s important to find one that gives you a blank slate to work from. If they have chandeliers already installed or fairy lights wrapped around every beam already – the fact is – your wedding photos are going to look just like every other couple that got married there in the past. Who wants that?

With tent weddings – it’s a bit easier as they are all pretty much a clear canvas to color and decorate to your desire. You can opt for a sailcloth tent, structure tent or a more traditional pole tent. The fact is – we can decorate it with lighting in so many ways for your wedding. We can have one of our light technicians on site during your wedding for your peace of mind. Any electrical permits required will be pulled by our licensed electrician on staff.

“We worked with Rob to do lighting for our wedding reception. The venue was a huge camp dining hall with florescent lights and we wanted to use lighting to make it more elegant. Rob helped us to choose the right lighting, keeping it simple, and it made such a difference. He was super flexible and easy to work with in terms of set up and break down. We highly recommend working with him! Thank you, Rob!”

Tent Wedding Lighting Photos

Wedding Tent String Lighting

There are so many ways to light your tent wedding. We can help you design something unique and create options to fit your wedding budget.

Bistro String Lighting – the classic 2″ diameter bulbs on either white or black cord, installed on dimmers to set the perfect tone for both dinner and dancing. Spacing is normally about 12″ apart between bulbs on the strand

Fairy String Lighting – this smaller bulb (similar to xmas lights) still has the pleasant color temperature of candle lights (no harsh LED white!) and allows us to create more dense light patterns – all while still having the ability to dim lighting for dancing. Spacing is around 4″ apart between bulbs on the strand.

Edison Bulb String Lighting – this is a larger and more powerful bulb (11w v. 7w) and has limited design capabilities as we can’t run more than 100′ runs per dimmer. (Can’t connect end to end for design purposes). These are not to be confused with our EDISON BULB CUSTOM INSTALLATIONS noted below which use 40w true Edison Bulbs.

“Rob’s company was recommended to us through our wedding venue Race Brook Lodge out in the beautiful reprieve that is Sheffield, MA, and they really knew exactly what we were looking for. With just a few consults we felt comfortable with the kind of atmosphere that they were going to help us create.. and they did not disappoint! Rob with the bistro lighting in the barn and our tent from Classical Rentals – and Jesse keeping people shaking on the dance floor well into the evening. Everything was wonderful and all went off without a hitch, highly recommend!!”

Barn Wedding Lighting Photos

Barn Wedding Lighting Options

As with our tent lighting – you can light your barn wedding using our standard string lighting options listed above.

Bistro String Lighting

Fairy String Lighting

Edison Bulb String Lighting

For our barn installations – we typically recommend using our BLACK STRAND lighting to better blend into your typical barn wedding decor.

For both our tent and barn installations – we suggest that you NEVER USE LED STRING LIGHTS – the color temperature of LED bulbs just is not as pretty as a standard string light incandescent bulb. The only time we suggest using LED string lights is when there is not enough electricity available for our normal string lighting installations.

String lights are energy hogs – we use between 2-20amp and 5-20amp circuits for our wedding lighting installations. Many times that means bringing in a trailer generator (between your entertainment, caterer, and lighting – you would most likely need it anyways).

Wedding Chandelier Rentals

Crystal Chandelier Rentals – Edison Wood Chandelier Rentals

We offer a variety of chandelier options for your tent and barn weddings. From our classic crystal chandeliers and wrought iron metal chandeliers to our custom Edison bulb reclaimed wood chandeliers, we can find the right chandelier for your wedding style.

Many of our wood chandeliers are finished off with floral and greenery courtesy of your florist to create an amazing green chandelier and Edison bulb mixture for your wedding decor.

We’ve installed smaller chandeliers in trees to create a unique space for your exchange of vows or installed wood plank lighting over the bar area or head table.

LED Up lighting

LED Uplighting

Wedding Tent Texture Lighting Projections

Tent Wedding Lighting Projections

The tent surface inside your wedding tent can be used to project all different patterns for your wedding tent lighting. This image is from a Newport Tent Wedding where we projected tree shadows onto the tent.

We’ve projected clouds, breakup patterns – please inquire about our texture projection lighting for your wedding tent lighting needs.

Wedding Decor – Paper Lanterns

Paper Lanterns Hung At Your Wedding

Paper lanterns can be whimsical or add color and focal points to your wedding decor. From the simple addition of colored paper lanterns onto your string lighting to large installations, it will be a fan favorite for your guests and selfies at your wedding.

Other Lighting Options For Your Tent and Barn Weddings To Consider

There are other things you might need to light at your wedding that we can help you with:

Path lighting – we can light the path to your bathroom trailer or the parking lot with string lights or lanterns on tall shepherds hooks

Task lighting and Pin Spots – need a light for your wedding cake? Head table? The bar? Task lighting or pin spots on particular items of interest can bring attention to the important features at your wedding.

Tree lighting – add depth to your tent wedding by wash lighting the nearby trees with our landscape wash lighting.

Dance lighting – don’t forget to add that energy to your dance floor with our club lighting, mirror balls or other dance lighting if your band or DJ does not have them.

Wedding Photo Booth Rentals

Need To Rent A Photo Booth For Your Wedding?

We do that too! Save time and money by adding our photo booth rental to your lighting package.

Choose from over 20 backdrops, touch screen model allows you to print, share images directly to your phone and our TRUNK LOAD OF PROPS will make every picture unique.

Wedding DJ – Wedding AV Rentals

Wedding DJ – Wedding MC – Microphones For Your Wedding Ceremony

We have all these services and more to help you create a custom package with just one wedding vendor. We’ll come in to set up your lighting, DJ your wedding and run your photo booth with our team of wedding professionals. With nearly 20 people on staff, we can do it all for your wedding needs.

Want to hear what your wedding might sound like? Check out our music mixes below.

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