6 Tricks To Keeping Your Bridesmaids Happy

  |   Wedding Planning Ideas
  1. Be Understanding- Your bridesmaids are there to help you, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have other things going on in their life. Be sure to take note of other important events or anything time consuming they have planned and plan around it. Yes, it is your day, but everyone needs to be kept happy.
  2. Have An Open Mind- Of course when choosing dresses, flowers, etc. your opinion will ultimately be the choice, but that doesn’t mean you can’t hear your girls out. Be sure to take their choices into consideration. Making sure they know you think their opinions are important will make them feel more included and needed.
  3. Be Thankful- You may not like everything your bridesmaids have planned for you, but keep in mind they are trying to make you happy. Be appreciative and be sure to let them know how thankful they are. They put a lot of work and thought into your wedding, be gracious.
  4. Consider Their Wallets- Not only are they investing time into your wedding, they are also giving quite a bit of money. From dresses to hair and makeup, typically the bridesmaids are expected to pay their own way. If you are able to, offer some help and when you can, plan things based on their financial standing. Do not let finances hold you back, it is your wedding, but if possible taking them into consideration will make them feel great.
  5. Taking A Break- Obviously all the wedding planning can get stressful and you will need a break. Take your girls out for a night even if it isn’t your bachelorette party yet. Go out to dinner, have a spa day, anything to keep you and your bridesmaids relaxed and having a great time will be sure to ease up the stress.
  6. Giving Back- Bridesmaids gifts, expensive or sentimental, are a great way to give back to your girls. They’ve been through it all with you-the laughs, the tears, the wedding jitters- so they deserve something in return. Giving them a special present to know that all their hard work was appreciated will definitely make them know it was all worthwhile.