9 Wedding Tips From My Wedding Vendor Friends

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9 Wedding Tips From My Wedding Vendor Friends

9 Wedding Tips From My Wedding Vendor: I thought it would be a great idea to compile some amazing wedding tips from some of my favorite wedding vendors – from makeup artists to venues.  Here are wedding tips from the pros.

Tip #1:  Makeup

Communication is everything when working with beauty pros! A good makeup artist wants to know what you think, and ultimately wants you to love the look. You can help ensure a good makeover experience by sharing specifics on what you want (color choices, intensity, etc.) – when in doubt, share photos that illustrate what you’re hoping to achieve. (A smoky eye means very different things to different people!) And don’t hesitate to offer your honest feedback when you finally get the big reveal.

If you’re concerned about a particular feature, be sure to tell your artist about it so he or she can explain what will and won’t be possible with the makeup (for example, it’s impossible to erase wrinkles just with makeup). We won’t automatically know that – for example – you hate your mole and want it covered up (especially if we thought it was a lovely beauty mark!), so definitely speak up. And although makeup can definitely seem magical at times, keep your expectations realistic: don’t expect to look exactly like a retouched inspiration picture of someone else when the artist is done – it’s still your face, and a good artist should help you enhance and celebrate your unique beauty, not spackle over it. After all, you want your loved ones to recognize you when you walk down the aisle!

Liz Washer – Makeup Artist – bridalbyliz.com

Tip #2: Tech-Free Wedding

I’ve been to a few weddings in the past year where the celebrant made an announcement before the ceremony that the couple had professionals to document the festivities and to please “be with us” and don’t escape the moment by trying to document it yourself.

Most of these requests went ignored and guests took their own iPhone photos anyway (usually, politely and quietly).

It seems that these days, part of enjoying and participating in an event includes broadcasting it to our online community on Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat.

On the other hand, can you really be a part of a moment if you are staring at a screen instead of gazing at the bride? How would you feel if you were the bride, and when you looked out at all of the loving family and friends who came to support you, instead of beaming, loving faces all you saw was a bunch of screens in the air? Are you getting in others’ way (like the photographer’s) by holding your screen in the air or stepping into the aisle to capture your version of the story?

I think we each have to answer this for ourselves. But I do think that if the couple makes the request, we should honor their wishes.

Christopher Duggan Photography & Wedding Films

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9 Wedding Tips From My Wedding Vendor Friends Continued

Tip #3  Don’t Over Plan Your Guests Time

I would suggest that the couples don’t worry about accommodating guests every minute of the day. You don’t need activities in between ceremony and reception, setting up hotel blocks for guests is very gracious. They will find a way to keep themselves occupied prior to the reception beginning.

Remember to take it all in, because the day goes too quick!

Laura Carrano – Events Coordinator – Marquee Events & Catering

Tip #4 Don’t overlook the importance of a wedding album

There are so many important reasons to get a wedding album from your photographer, but I will just mention a few here in this quick wedding tip.

First off it creates your first family heirloom, sounds cheesy I know, but it really is true. This is something that will help you preserve the memories that fade over time and become a keepsake to pass down to your children. Digital files are great to have but when you want to relive your wedding day it so much easier and enjoyable to grab your wedding album opposed to searching for your digital files. The unfortunate truth is the digital photos can get lost over time.

Over 90% of my wedding couples go with an album whether it is included in their collection or they add it on after the wedding. When delivering the albums to my couples that common thread I hear is how the experience of viewing their wedding holding on to their album is such an enhanced experience compared to just viewing their photos on the computer. You just don’t have that tactile experience of touch when viewing your wedding on the screen.

Greg Moss Photography

Tip #5 Pinterest Pinboards and Lists for Your Photographer

There are different approaches to photographing a wedding day and every photographer works in their own individual style. While it’s nice to see what you’ve Pinned as a reference, rather than copy another photographer’s images and recreate someone else’s wedding photography, I personally prefer to use that as a jumping off point to create something unique for you. If those Pins evoke a particular feeling we can work to make a portrait, for example, that is more representative of you and what you’re feeling on your wedding day.

Similarly, shot lists that wedding blogs encourage couples to create may be extra work you don’t need to do. A photographer with more experience knows how wedding days flow and will work with you to make sure you have complete coverage without referencing a list a stranger thought you should have.

Rather than checking items off of a list, a professional photographer should instead be free to be in the moment on your wedding day, capturing events and emotions as they happen.

Seth Kaye – Seth Kaye Photography – www.sethkaye.com

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9 Wedding Tips From My Wedding Vendor Friends Continued

Tip #6 Find Vendors That Make You Feel Confident

As you’re considering professionals to assist you with your wedding, including musicians, floral designers, photographers, etc., explain your vision for what you are looking for from them for your wedding, but also let them help guide you with the experience they have gained over the years.  Choose those that give you the greatest comfort level.

While this sounds obvious, you need to be confident in their ability to help your vision come to life, and then be able to let go of the details on the day of your wedding.  Trust them to do what you have asked them to do, and relax in knowing that they will make it happen.  By not being caught up in micro-managing the details, you can really enjoy the most magical day of your life.

Sheila J. Graham – Director of Catering – Lake of Isles

Tip #7 Take the time to have an engagement session with your photographer

Most couples agree that their wedding day will be remembered for years to come through the photos. I also know from my experience that many couples feel as though they feel they aren’t photogenic. Of course, it’s normal to feel this way and for that reason a little practice before the wedding day can really help. I include engagement sessions with all of my packages for this very reason. We find that engagement sessions are a great time to see what poses feel natural and comfortable.  How do you as a couple like to interact to get authentic reactions that will reflect in the images? Engagement sessions also are a wonderful time to meet  your photographer. I tell my clients that the photographer is the one vendor who is with you throughout the entire day so getting to know them on a personal level can put you at more ease during your big day.  I love seeing my couples for a relaxed afternoon or evening session and as we take pictures, we talk about how they met, their wedding plans and I get to know what they are comfortable with. One great suggestion I always give me couples is having an engagement session that is in a season that is different from their wedding day. It’s a fun way to get a variety to your pictures. Many couples often admit they love how the engagement session gave them an excuse to slow down and appreciate that time leading up to the wedding.

Tricia McCormack  www.triciamccormackphotography.com


Tip #8 Get Photos You’ll Love

Wedding Portraits mean a lot of different things to people, from wedding party jumping shots to formal family photos or a wedding party stylized like a vogue spread to a candid romantic sunset kiss with your new spouse. Did one of those descriptions make you cringe a little while another sound about right?

The first step to wedding portraits that you’ll love having and even love taking, is figuring out which style you like best. Luckily, there is no end to inspiration these days online and in magazines with images that range from bright and airy to dark and moody with subjects that look quietly in love, who are bursting out laughing together, or who are killing it on the dance floor. Once you have an idea of the images you’re drawn to, start matching that up with photographers. The type of images that a photographer shows on their website tells you what they’ll strive to create with and for you. That might sound obvious, but I’ve heard plenty of stories about mismatched expectations in this department.

Now, meet with one to three photographers who fit your style and fall around your budget. You’ll see your photographer more than many family members on your wedding day, it’s important to be comfortable hanging out together! Once you’ve chosen a photographer, make space in your timeline for those photos. One hour sounds like a lot of time but it goes by quickly, especially if there’s any travel. Consider setting aside over an hour if possible or having a ‘First Look’. And the last step is to trust the professional you hired. Some photos may momentarily feel odd, but there’s a good chance the image will look great! Try not to think of these portraits as taking time away from celebrating, instead try to frame them as time you’ll have together, focused on each other.. with a few smiles for the camera in between 😉

Michelle Girard Photography www.michellegirard.com 

Tip #9 Lighting

What can light do for you at your wedding reception?  It will make your wedding photos better.  Light can highlight features at your wedding reception.  It can also draw attention away from trouble areas in your banquet hall.  Ugly wallpaper?  Highlight the columns.  Dirty ceiling?  Texture lights on the wall will down play it.

I had one mother of the bride say that she cried when she walked into the room to see the lighting for the first time.  It was just so beautiful and such a surprise. This is a small expense that is well worth the added impact.

Rob Alberti Event Services – DJ – Lighting Design – Photo Booth Rentals  www.robalberti.com

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