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Rob Alberti – DJ, Lighting Designer, & Entrepreneur

Hi, I’m Rob Alberti –  Let me tell you a bit about myself: Entrepreneur, Father, Wedding DJ, Event Lighting Designer, Rocket Scientist.  I’ve been many things over the years but music has always been in my soul.   So many couples are afraid no one will dance at their wedding.  

We want you and your guests to be up and dancing – not sitting and being bored.  You will get guaranteed more dance time with one of our DJs.  I am going to make sure everything we do and play reflects your personality and not some canned DJ routine (ie – chicken dance).  You are going to have an amazing time.   No cheesy DJ antics here.

My stomping grounds are The Berkshires MA, Hudson Valley NY to Boston, Newport RI, and Hartford to CT Shoreline. (I’ve been as far as Mexico DJing) I was always that kid that was listening to music and scouring the music racks for new releases each weekend.   I’d spend nights at the local electronics store drooling over the amps and speakers. I was the one running the lights for all the school plays and the one looking at the gear and lighting at concerts (and not the performers). When it came time to head off to college, I took a big chunk of my college savings and bought up my first DJ system and lighting, and worked my way through college.  I’d DJ every weekend, whether it was a frat party on campus or a bar or school event back home.  I was back and forth between Albany NY and Western MA with my van full of gear every Friday afternoon, then back to college on Sunday after my events. After graduating as an aerospace engineer, I continued to keep up with the DJ side of things because music was my passion.  

After a few years in the Aerospace Industry, I just didn’t have time to go to work any longer and went full-time DJing weddings and events.  Now, my family of DJs and Lighting Technicians has grown to nearly 20 on staff.  We are all obsessed with creating unique music soundtracks and “wow factor” custom lighting to make your dream day a memorable experience that you & your guests are talking about for years to come. 

Let’s collaborate to create your perfect wedding day soundtrack and background lighting.

Meet Kayla & Scott

Kayla & Scott had their wedding at The Aqua Turf. The unique thing about their wedding was that Kayla wanted to surprise Scott, a big Star Wars fan. Months before the wedding, Kayla and I were meeting and planning in secrecy. Kayla was working with the groomsmen for their stormtrooper entrance to the wedding.

Scott had no idea what was happening and it was such a huge surprise to both he and all their guests. To this day, on their anniversary – Kayla reposts the youtube video we took of that Storm Trooper march into their reception and the mashup dance that ensued.

I’ve got to watch their family grow over the years and the two of them continue to recommend us to all their friends and family.

Check out the video below!


We are a Luxury Wedding DJ and Custom Event Lighting company – no cheesy DJ antics here.
My stomping grounds are The Berkshires MA, Hudson Valley NY to Boston, Newport RI, and Hartford to CT Shoreline.

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Raeanne & Tim’s Thursday Wedding at The Red Barn in Amherst MA

About You

Whether you are a foodie, hipster couple, or off-beat-bride – you love to dance, want your wedding to be unique, and reflect your personalities.  You are not into the chicken dance (or line dances in general).  

You hated your friend’s (or sister’s) wedding because the DJ was so obnoxious or just didn’t know how to keep the dance floor energized.  You actually have nightmares about your wedding and no one will dance!  You want your wedding to be a big party and music is an important part of your everyday life.

You really don’t want your wedding DJ to talk much or tell corny jokes.  You are all about the dancing.  You’ve been to bad weddings in the past and want to avoid them at all costs for your wedding.

Chara + Jillian’s Sparkler Send Off at Bloom Meadows Wedding – Williamstown MA

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Meet Cyn & Steve

Cyn & Steve were originally supposed to be married at Gedney Farm’s barn in New Marlbourgh, MA but due to a family accident, they had to push their wedding from 2019 to 2020. Then the pandemic hit and they had to change up their plans again. We had already done a site visit for their lighting installation at Gedney, but did a 2nd site visit at another location in The Berkshires, which also fell through on them, and we ended up in a backyard tented wedding at their home in Longmeadow in the midst of the pandemic. We were able to live stream their wedding for them, provide tent string lighting and paper lanterns (that Cyn so wanted at Gedney Farm) and DJ’d their backyard weddding.

Cyn joked that we had spent so much time together planning this wedding that I deserved an invite to their Thanksgiving dinner (but I would have been #11 and that is not allowed!)

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Meet Andrew & Courtney

When you’ve been DJing as long as I have, something special happens as the years go by, you run into past couples at other weddings and they come up and tell me about their life story since the wedding. Well, Andrew and Courtney were special because they were 1 of 3 couples that I DJ’d for that year where I had DJ’d their parent’s wedding as well!

You see, I DJ’d Courtney’s parents’ wedding, Jim and Wendy. I also DJ’d Jim’s brother’s wedding and Wendy’s sister’s wedding. You don’t know what an honor it is when things like this happen to me. It’s like we become part of the family’s history.

Our business runs on love and this is one of the reason’s we are so passionate about weddings and our work.

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