Alternatives To Dancing At Your Wedding

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Alternatives To Dancing At Your Wedding

No bar? No dance floor? What will you do?

Alternatives To Dancing At Your Wedding:  Feel like you are stuck in the 2020 remake of Footloose The Wedding? State restrictions on weddings and both bar configuration and dancing are putting our guests on edge trying to get their head around it.   If you find yourself having to rethink your wedding due to guest count restrictions and that you need to have your wedding outside and under tent instead of in your local wedding venue – it’s time to start thinking out of the box and find some 

Everyone wants to have a big party for their wedding and state restrictions on the dance floor (and no dancing) is going to impact your wedding plans.  What can you do to not rely so much on large guest counts and dancing at your wedding?  Here are some things that we have done in the past (and are ready to help you execute at your wedding).

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1.  Make the meal more of a show:

Make the meal more of a show:  By finding unique alternatives to a normal wedding caterer, you can make your wedding unique with dinner and a show.   Caterers like Heirloom Fire cook your food over an open fire right in front of your guests.  You’ve never seen anything like it at a wedding.  You might be more of a Food Truck foodie – bring in a couple of your favorite Food Trucks to your wedding for an experience that your guests will not soon forget.  This will allow for a more social experience in your dining.

2.  Interactive Fun Photo Booth: 

One thing we always tell our wedding couples – there is nothing like the interactive experience of a photo booth at your wedding.  We will keep high touch surfaces clean and limit our props (and UV Wand Disinfect between use) for your peace of mind. Your guests will get to take home their photos as a keepsake from your wedding and they can even text them directly to their cell phone for instant social sharing.

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“I contacted Rob on a hail mary email to see if he could provide lighting to my wedding with 2 weeks notice. We were planning our wedding across the country (we live in SF and got married in western MA). Not only was he super responsive, but he delivered above and beyond. Don’t even think about using someone else, Rob is your guy!”

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3.  Zoom Wedding / Live Stream:

Zoom Wedding / Live Stream:  We’ve all been on Zoom calls lately, but imagine all those guests that you couldn’t have at your wedding that you wished you could.  Whether it be due to guest count restrictions or travel bans, your guests, no matter where they are in the word can be a part of your wedding via Zoom.  We will manage the multi-camera coverage and sound for your Zoom wedding.  We had one recently where multiple Zoom attendees were part of the ceremony and toasts.  You would not have believed the emotional connection between both the couple and Zoom attendees.

4.  More emphasis on decor and lighting: 

More emphasis on decor and lighting:  If you have fewer guests, that might free up some of your wedding budget for lighting and decor to create a more memorable background for all your wedding photos.  You can have bistro string lights in your tent or over your lawn area.  We can help you uplight trees, structures to add color and depth to your wedding decor.  Oh, and did I mention we have crystal chandeliers, wood table arches, and custom reclaimed wood chandeliers? We can even project textures and patterns onto your tented wedding.

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Alternatives To Dancing At Your Wedding

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5.  Toasts: 

Toasts:  We would normally suggest that you limit your wedding toasts to 2-3 maximum and keep them short and to the point, but if you are looking for a more personal touch to your wedding, you might just want to do the opposite.  Think of doing more of them and keep them more story-oriented (more in line with rehearsal dinner style toasts).  Ask a series of guests to tell a story about the two of you from your past.  Keep your guests engaged with story telling.

6.  Firepit / Lounge areas: 

Firepit / Lounge areas:  If you need to keep your guests spread out, a firepit and multiple lounge areas might be just the right feel for your wedding and to allow guests to spread out more.   Keep it relaxed.  You can use tables with umbrellas, benches, couches, Throw rugs or simple wood stumps.  This will allow your guests to move around and socialize at a distance.

“Rob and his crew were awesome! Your team Mike and Dave were great and very pleasant to work with with the photo booth and up lighting and with our names on the walls. Everyone including us LOVED the photo booth! Thank you for putting our program inside the photo booth book that you gave us. That was a nice surprise to see when we opened it up the first time. Rob was a pleasure to work with and knows what he is doing. We didn’t even have to go over colors with him for our up lighting we told him the color that we wanted and the lighting was a perfect match! Rob thank you for everything you did for us to make our wedding so special. We would recommend you and your staff to anyone. Thank you for all your hard work.”

Aly – The Berkshires Lenox MA Wedding

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7.  Lawn Games: 

Lawn Games:  Who doesn’t love playing a giant game of Jenga or Connect 4?  Grab that corn hole game and some beanbags and you and your guests can enjoy a beer and a game.   What are some of your favorite lawn games?

8.  Newlywed Game (shoe game): 

Newlywed Game (shoe game):  Have you been to a wedding where the couple were seated back to back and answered a series of questions where they had to raise each other’s shoes to signify their answer?  This is what we call the “Newlywed Shoe Game” They might be asked, “who paid on the first date”,  “who was the first to say I LOVE YOU”, “Who is always late”, or “Who is the better driver” while guests get a kick out of your responses.

“We worked with Rob to do lighting for our wedding reception. The venue was a huge camp dining hall with florescent lights and we wanted to use lighting to make it more elegant. Rob helped us to choose the right lighting, keeping it simple, and it made such a difference. He was super flexible and easy to work with in terms of set up and break down. We highly recommend working with him! Thank you, Rob!”

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9.  Acoustic Duo: 

Acoustic Duo:  Bring in our acoustic guitar & singer duo to add that live performance to your wedding.  Let them entertain your guests with their acoustic versions of classic rock, country and pop hits.

10.  Backyard Wedding:

Backyard Wedding v. outdoor venue to skirt some of the state restrictions:  If the state restrictions are too much for you to swallow, you might want to consider moving your outdoor wedding to your backyard.  Bring in a tent and do it your own way.  Be safe in your planning, but give it your own twist on social distancing.  Maybe don’t have a centralized dance floor and just have a designated spot near each social distanced table for them to dance safely?  It’s your wedding – do it your way.

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Alternatives To Dancing At Your Wedding

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