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Behind The Scenes With Your Wedding DJ : Have you asked Siri, Google Voice Search or Cortina to “Show Me The Best Wedding DJs in the Hartford Area” or uttered something like it into your smartphone hoping to find the perfect wedding disc jockey for your wedding reception entertainment? (Go ahead and try it with one of these – Show me the Best wedding DJs in Newport, I want to find a wedding DJ in Connecticut, I want to find a wedding DJ in Boston, I need to find a wedding DJ in Western Mass, Show me a list of wedding DJs in The Berkshires)

Exactly what goes into a great wedding DJ v. your average DJ?   What do they really do except push some buttons and stand there at your reception?

Let’s start by thinking about what your wedding reception would be without a DJ.   Hear the crickets chirping?  No music.  No background music for social hour.  No hyped-up music as you are welcomed by your friends and family during introductions.   No well-crafted announcements to direct guests’ attention to your cake cutting or parent dances.

If you’ve ever seen a bad DJ at a wedding reception, that also means – no bad jokes, no inappropriate comments over the microphone, no electric slide, no glowing DJ booths, large self-promoting signs and no 300-pound sweat covered DJ in a poorly fitting tux teaching line dances.   No sneaker-wearing, black jean or wannabe hip-hop artist in charge of your wedding day music.  That sounds good at least.

Where is the line between bad, average and great wedding DJs?  There is no state licensing agency to tell you who is a great DJ and who is not.  You can rely on the WeddingWire or The Knot reviews – but who posts bad reviews?

Let me tell you what we put into creating the perfect tone for your wedding music and maybe that will help you understand the difference between one DJ and the next.

Before You Secure Our Services For Your Wedding:

Our initial contact with a potential wedding couple involves an interview process (email, text, phone, Skype or in-person) so we understand your needs.   You see, some wedding venues require unique set-ups in multiple areas or there might be acoustic issues (echo problems in a room) that we take special precautions for.

Are you looking for specific style music that might be best-taken care by one of our wedding DJs v. the other?  (For example:  Want all 100% Country or are you looking for a mix of Portuguese music and American)   Our staff of 11 wedding disc jockeys all have different backgrounds and strengths.  The more we know about what you want, the better we can find the perfect wedding DJ for your reception.

Maybe you are looking for just our wedding lighting services, but you have a band and didn’t realize that you need someone to act as master of ceremony and play music when your band takes their breaks.  These are things we figure out during our pre-sales conversation with our clients.

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Once You Secure Our DJ Services For Your Wedding:

Now the real work begins.  Over the course of the months leading up to your wedding, we will be in communication with you.   We will send you helpful suggestions and articles to get you thinking about your wedding plans.

Maybe you need suggestions for parent dance or exactly what is an “anniversary dance”.   Have questions about some of our popular add-ons services such as photo booth rentals or custom lighting schemes for your wedding?  We’ll guide you through all the options and find the perfect mix of services all with the convenience of one-stop-shopping.   Our wedding clients lead busy lives and we want to make the planning process as easy as possible for you.

2 – 3 Months Before The Wedding:

Now it’s time to start working on the details.  We will coordinate our wedding detail planning session. (Normally in-person with your wedding disc jockey but we can arrange to do it via phone, skype or email if necessary to fit your needs) We will help you fill in our wedding day questionnaire so we have a timeline of activities, name pronunciations phonetically spelled out and your song selections.

We will type up this information for you and send a copy to you so you can work off of it when your caterer, photographer have questions. We can go over lighting options for your wedding as well.

Wedding Questionniare

We will organize your music selections for not only dancing but also your cocktail hour and dinner and key songs such as parent dances and first dance within our DJ Software so there are no worries on your wedding day.

Virtual DJ Playlists

For many of our clients, they are looking for custom song mixes or high energy dance sets.  We will work with our remix software in-studio so that we have certain pieces of our performance sets roughed in for easy access on your wedding day.  What does that mean for you?  Songs blended beat to beat perfect for a high impact dance set so that you have happy guests with tired feet.


Not only do we keep up with all the latest music (and have a huge back catalog of songs from the past!) – don’t forget your favorite remix or mash-up.  We belong to a series of DJ music services (we do not rely on iTunes, Amazon or Youtube for our music) – each week we download the latest releases (about 100 songs) covering pop, country, indie rock, adult contemporary, Latin and even jazz from the same service that provides music to radio stations.  All the music is radio edited for content (no surprise swears at your wedding).  We also have a series of services that provide us with the latest remixes and mash-ups if you are into a more club feel for your wedding.

Behind The Scenes - Download Remixes

What about the gear?  We don’t just bring one set of speakers nor have the same DJ set-up for every venue.  Each requires a unique approach to acoustics, layout and to fit your wedding DJ needs.  So, we have an arsenal of DJ gear, lighting at our disposal.  We create a pull list for each wedding unique to your needs.  (And don’t forget the backup gear!)

Gear for Event - Pull List

The Week Leading Up To Your Wedding

The Week Before Your Wedding:

We are busy preparing gear and making last-minute changes to your paperwork.  We will touch base with you to go over any other changes and to review one more time what will go on at your wedding so everything is perfect.  We will reconfirm setup times, guest arrival times and any other detail to make sure you are stress-free on your wedding day.

Yes – we will remind you about your final payment is due and then you can relax because we will take care of everything for you on your wedding day.

By the time your wedding day comes around, your wedding DJ will have already spent between 20-30 hours preparing for this day. We don’t take it lightly – our responsibility for the success or failure of your wedding rests in our hands and we know it.  We thank you for entrusting us and letting us be a part of your wedding celebration.

It’s Your Wedding Day!

The Day of Your Wedding:

We get up early, make sure our truck and trailer (yes – we normally bring a 12′ trailer filled with gear, back up gear and so much more with us) are ready to go.   Our black tuxedo is clean, pressed and we are ready to impress you.  We arrive hours before guests to set up our gear, lighting in anticipation of your wedding guests arrive.    The music starts low in the background and will rise in volume and energy as the night unfolds.  Guests will clap and scream and you will be in the center of this celebration of your love.

But wait, after the last song ends and your night is complete – we still have to pack up and head back to the office.  Gear must be unloaded and reloaded for the event tomorrow.  On a typical wedding day, we will have put in a 12-20 hour day including travel, setup, and return.  That is the life of a wedding DJ.

The Day After Your Wedding Date:

No, our job is not done yet.  Even with your wedding venue in our rearview mirror, we still have some things to do.  We need to upload your photo booth images to our Facebook page so your guests can share and enjoy the digital copies.   There will be a few images from your wedding on our Facebook post.  We also create a blog post for all of Rob’s weddings or custom lighting events.  Don’t forget, we need to edit the audio recordings from your wedding and dub them down onto a flash drive so we can send them out to you via mail that Monday.  We will top it all off with a post-wedding survey and even a 1-year anniversary congratulations.

What Do We Do After Your Wedding Day?

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Behind The Scenes - Blog Post

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