Behind The Scenes

Want to see what goes into planning a wedding, whether we are DJing, or doing a custom lighting installation? Check out some images with us behind the scenes.

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You might find me hanging out with my two daughters watching Harry Potter or playing some Overwatch on my PC. Most of the time i am trying to get the cat off my desk so I can work. Weekdays, I am in the office handling all the behind the scenes coordination for our upcoming weddings. I’ll be in the the storage area preparing gear (in piles for each wedding for the upcoming week) during the afternoons, Mornings are spent clearing my inbox and handling all the new quotes going out and following up with all our open quotes. Once work is done, you’ll find me out on the local bike trail hiking (I did about 400 miles this year).

Once we are onsite for our lighting installations – I’m the first one up the ladder and the last one in the truck at the end of the installation. If I’m DJing, you’ll find me behind the gear and making sure that both you, your parents and your wedding vendors are all in place and ready to go for all your special moments on the day of your wedding.

DJ Rob and Jesse hanging a crystal chandelier in a wedding tent

And this is how you hang chandeliers in a tent. (1 of 14 today)

Posted by Rob Alberti on Thursday, September 28, 2017
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