Bridesmaids: The Frienemies You Might Want To Avoid

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Years ago, when I was just getting started in the wedding industry, one of my best friends got engaged. The plan was to have her sister as her Maid of Honor and her brother-in-law as the Best Man, nice and simple. Then, a few months before the wedding she called and said “I think I would really like to have you and a few other girlfriends as bridesmaids… I just think the idea of being around a gaggle of girls that I love will make my wedding day that much better.”

Of course, I said yes, because that’s what you do when you are asked to be a bridesmaid, the same for the other gals in the “gaggle”. There were six of us bridesmaids in all. On the day of the wedding, when one of the other bridesmaids refused to get her make up done, another forgot her dress and still another complained about the cold while we were taking photos, my friend the bride looked at me and said “Why did I have bridesmaids? I want to kill these girls.”   (READ MORE)


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