Charlotte + Ross – Valley View Farms Barn Wedding DJ – Haydenville MA

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Charlotte + Ross – Valley View Farms Barn Wedding DJ – Haydenville MA

Ross was a bit of a “Groomzilla” as he stated.  He had a vision of what their wedding day would be and he grabbed hold of every detail.

They sent me a Spotify playlist with their dinner and dancing requests.  Jeremy Milligan played acoustic guitar for their ceremony and cocktails.   Tanya Costigan handled the decor and background planning activities.   It wasn’t until the wedding day when I was informed that I was not allowed to even use my microphone.  Ross had arranged for all the details to be handled off-mic.  His best man ran around table to table giving instructions.  Ross corraled guests as needed to get their attention.

I fully understand their concern.  So many wedding DJs do not know when to SHUT UP and abuse the microphone.  Others, don’t talk at all.  I complied with their last-minute NO MICROPHONE request, but things are always better when we have access to all the tools in our belt as wedding DJs.  

I had warned them that having 4 toasts at the end of dinner would not flow well into dancing and they worked behind the scenes to get people up and dancing right after speeches, but the inevitable 20-minute lull while guests got drinks, went to the bathroom and stepped outside to the bar always happens.  They just postponed it for 15 minutes.   When advice from a 30 year veteran of weddings is given, it is always best to take it under advisement and not bend to the will of your caterer (who suggested toasts at end of dinner!).

There were no formal introductions, cake cutting or parent dances at this wedding.  The only thing that was staged was toasts and the hora.

Wedding Planner:  Tayna Costigan
Wedding DJ:  Rob Alberti
Musician:  Jeremy Milligan
Photographer:  Kelly Peterson
Florist:  Passalongs Farm