Christina & Ricardo – Lusitano Club Ludlow Wedding – Lighting and Drapery

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Christina & Ricardo contacted us to create a backdrop for their wedding.  With our shear tall white drapery and fairy lights, we created a stunning backdrop for their wedding reception at The Lusitano Club in Ludlow, MA.

If they had us do up-lighting as well – we would have NOT HAVE REMOVED the uplighting before the end of their event at 2 am.  When we arrived at 12:30, their DJ had already shut off his uplighting and packed them up and had them piled in front of the exit door.  That is not professional.  Nothing gets torn down until the last song ends and the house lights come up.

This is one reason why we will no longer work with other lighting vendors – there should only be one DJ or one lighting vendor at your wedding.  There will be no confusion as to who is responsible for what and we would then make sure that colors match and that half your lights are not removed before the end of your wedding.  That’s just unprofessional.  We always have a DJ, DJ Assistant and Light tech for events of this size.  This guy tried doing everything on his own (12 hour event).

Hey – if they had used us as their DJ – we would have referred to them as “Christina and Ricardo” over the microphone and not as “our bride and groom” everytime he talked.  We would also not have had large gaps of dead air between songs… just saying.  It only costs a little more to go first class as one of my friends used to say.

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