Colors of your Wedding Lighting

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Many of our clients come in with the concept that they want only a single color for their up-lighting at their wedding reception.  That’s fine, but check out what it looks like when you combine complimentary colors at your venue.

If you look at the color wheel, you can use it to find complimentary colors (opposite sides) or a group of colors that work well together (triad, etc)

Ready to stand out from all the other weddings you’ve seen?  Let’s talk about adding more than one color to your wedding lighting.    Our lighting can be wirelessly controlled so that we can dim or change colors over the course of the evening as well.

Don’t forget, we can bring color into your room even during BROAD DAYLIGHT.    Just because you are having an afternoon wedding, don’t think you can’t do something fun with lighting at your wedding.

Corporate Event The Marquee Hartford CT AV Rental Lighting - www.robalberti.comIMG_3626

The Marquee in Hartford CT with both amber and blue up-lighting

The Wadsworth Mansion Middletown CT Wedding Lighting DJ - www.robalberti.com0 IMG_3729

The Wadsworth Mansion in Middletown CT with yellow and pink lighting