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Connecticut Wedding DJ

Connecticut Wedding DJ: When we hear from our clients at the end of their wedding or in the weeks after their wedding – we always hear a resounding theme “You were so much more than we ever expected from a wedding DJ“.  Yes, being a wedding disc jockey is a full-time job for us.

You see – your choice in wedding entertainment is more than just music and a couple announcements.  We don’t walk into your wedding reception unprepared.  Hours of preparation goes into every one of our weddings.  We need to gather your music in playlists so that we know we have everything you need and so that we can easily pull your music when we need it for your special events.

All your ceremony music is loaded into our dedicated ceremony system (SD Card and Flash Drive) as well as onto our ceremony tablet.  Backups of all your special songs are in our Dropbox folder so they are on all three of our laptops, tablet, and phone. (Yes – I bring three laptops, and a tablet)  You see – we need to be prepared for any type of problem or scenario at your wedding.

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Not every venue or client requires the same sound system/gear.  You might have an outdoor social hour where a remote wireless speaker is required to tie inside and outside together with the same sound system.   Maybe we need to tie into a house system for cocktails or have a completely separate sound system – all that gear must be prepared, tested and packed for each wedding we do.

We would bring a different size sound system if we were playing a 60 person wedding in the back room of a restaurant v. a 350 person Portuguese wedding.  Even the acoustics of a room would dictate the style speaker and how we set up our sound system for your wedding.  Large cavern-like space?  We might need to use remote speakers in the back of the room or opt for near-field v. far field speakers to help with acoustic issues.  Maybe we place our DJ speakers on the ground, or high on speaker stands.  Maybe we angle them down or up from the floor.  Our years of experience with different style venues will help us determine what will sound the best at your wedding reception.  Did I mention that we know our acoustics?  (I have acoustic engineers on staff, electricians, staff with theatre experience – yep, we take wedding entertainment seriously)

“Our reception went fantastically with the Rob Alberti crew! We couldn’t have asked for a better party.” – Amanda – Connecticut Wedding DJ

Hartford Wedding DJ

You might not think much about the style music being played during your cocktail or dinner time, but those songs will help set the tone for your party time later.  Playing 2 hours of instrumental jazz or slow songs won’t do anything for setting a party atmosphere or making your wedding SOUND like the two of you. Cocktails and dinner music at a wedding can be a great time to play music that the two of you are passionate about but know are not danceable.  Maybe you want to tip your hat to your Italian family and relatives or you are obsessed with Yacht Rock – let’s mix in some music that helps raise the energy in your reception and reflects the two of you and your personalities.

It used to be typical of creating a big grand entrance for you and your bridal party, but many millennials are skipping this to create a simpler introduction.  When you talk with your wedding DJ, we will work at setting just the right tone for each of your special moments during your wedding reception.  Remember, there are no rulebooks for weddings and what you HAVE TO DO at your reception.  Want to skip introductions or have your social hour BEFORE your ceremony?  There is nothing that says you can’t.

We’ve done WWE themed introductions, simple introduction of just our couple or had parents and grandparents all walk in.  Maybe a custom love story introduction is more your style?


Mash-up First Dances or parent dances are all the rage – maybe you want to take dance lessons or create your own mash-up dance.  Or, do you just want to have a traditional slow dance with your partner?  We can help you mix a custom song or edit your song shorter so you are not on the dance floor for 5 minutes or more.

Toasts can be tough.  The attention span for most wedding guests is about 10 minutes, so we try to keep all special events broken up into smaller digestible bites.  That means, if there are more than 2 or 3 wedding toasts, we need to split them up.   If not, your guests will stop paying attention after the first 5 or 10 minutes.   Yes – that special toast that dad prepared will be talked over, guests will be moving around the room, going to the bar and you will be disappointed in the final results.  That’s where our experience as wedding DJs will shine.  Knowing how to stage your events for maximum WOW factor – that’s why we are worth more than your average wedding DJ.

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Family dynamics always come into play at a wedding – maybe you don’t have a traditional father in your life or maybe a death in the family has made parent dances awkward.  We can help design and stage these events to fit your family needs.

What about that drawn out 4 or 5-course meal?  Don’t want guests to get bored?  Why not let us dance your family and friends between courses.  It won’t slow down your meal service – it will help fill those awkward dead moments.  I just had a wedding where after toasts, the catering staff told me they were running behind, so we danced for about 15 minutes before salads even came out.  By the time entree’s were on the table, we had danced for nearly an hour between the various courses.  Talk about a fun wedding.  No one was sitting – everyone was energized and involved from the very start.

“The music was awesome and Tony completely understood the vibe we were going for and our dance floor was packed the entire time!!” – Amy – Wedding Entertainment and Custom Wedding Lighting

Wedding DJ Reviews In Connecticut

When it comes to filling your dance floor with both YOUNG and OLD, it’s our job to help play the perfect mix of music to keep the energy level just where you want it.  Whether its a dry Christian wedding or whether you’ve invited your entire fraternity – we will keep the floor packed from the first song to the last. We won’t let your party fizzle and we won’t rely on corny DJ antics or stupid routines.  No need to play the chicken dance and macarena to keep people dancing.  It’s about knowing what to play next and keeping things mixed up so everyone can hear something that they like.

Our award-winning DJs will not just let the music play – we will blend songs together to keep the energy going.   No 3 slow songs in a row or line dances one after another.   Yes – we even play new music.  We don’t play the same mix of music that we did a year ago and definitely not what we did 5 or 10 years ago.

We could have a wedding Friday, Saturday and Sunday – they could all be in the same Hartford wedding venue, but you will hear the same music at all three,  It’s about reflecting your personalities in all we do and say.

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Taking requests is a great way to gauge what your guests want to hear, but we are not a human jukebox.  Not all requests are appropriate or will help keep the dance floor energized (we call those songs FLOOR KILLERS for a reason).  We will use our extensive experience as wedding DJs to avoid the floor killer songs and pick out the appropriate song requests from your guests that fall in line with your vision.  At any time – you or your partner can come up and redirect us or have us play your favorite Metallica tune.  It’s your wedding after all!  It’s about playing the right song at the right time at your wedding.  Maybe that DMX request won’t go over well in the first set after dinner, but might work great for the last set of Old School R&B tunes  Let us worry about it.  You just give us a list of songs you like, want or don’t want to be played at your wedding.  We’ll organize it and execute it perfectly at your reception.

Want to hear what the dance portion of your reception could sound like?  CHECK OUT OUR MIX CLOUD DANCE MIXES.

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Connecticut Wedding DJ

As the night comes to an end – do you want to end on a high note?  Or were you thinking of that Ed Sheeran slow songs to wrap things up?  We can help you go out with a bang or theatrically stage that sparkler send-off for you.  This is where our theatre background comes in handy – we know how to make things flow from one event to another.

We hear once in a while from other wedding vendors that say you can’t be great at more than one things.  So, with that thinking – a photographer can’t be a videographer or a DJ can’t do lighting well.  That is what we call FAKE NEWS. (or wedding vendor jealously).  I’ve been DJing for more than 25 years – constantly perfecting my craft and changing with the ever-shifting wedding client’s needs.  Through training at industry seminars, online and just shear practice, it’s always about evolving into something better.

How can one company be highly rated as both DJ, Lighting specialists and Photobooths?   It’s about having a diverse staff – from audio engineers, licensed electricians, staff with theatre experience and so much more experience from other fields.

Did you know that I started DJing as a way to pay my way through engineering school?  I worked as a mechanical engineer, troubleshooting some of the most complex hydro-mechanical systems.  I was the GO TO guy when no one else could figure out what was wrong.  I immersed myself and became an expert.  Moving from industry to industry – I became well known as a quality engineer, working as an ISO9000 auditor and consultant. I even had articles published in that field.  All the while, I was working as a mobile wedding DJ on the side.  Finally, after about 10 years in the engineering field, I didn’t have time to go to work anymore and I became a full-time wedding DJ.  I’ve trained numerous wedding DJs and lighting techs both in the area, on my staff and through national seminars.

“The atmosphere was amazing. I highly recommend these guys.” – Abby – Connecticut Wedding Lighting

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Connecticut Wedding DJ

Don’t believe that there is a difference from one wedding DJ to the next?  Just read our WEDDING WIRE or THE KNOT reviews.   Don’t just look at the star rating, REALLY read what our past wedding clients have to say.  Compare it to those lesser known DJs out there.  Our clients RAVE ABOUT US.  They don’t just say they had a good time at their wedding.

Both you, your guests and families will hear the difference, they will fell the difference and will RAVE ABOUT the difference after your wedding  You want people raving about your wedding don’t you?  That’s where Rob Alberti’s Event Services comes into play.

From AMAZING wedding DJs, to jaw-dropping custom wedding lighting – we can help you create a wedding day celebration that your friends and family will be talking about for years to come.  Did I mention that our photo booths are MORE FUN?  No drawn out hokey mirror booth where you can’t see what is happening.  Our booths are customizable from the color of the background to open or closed style booth.  The picture quality is second to none!  After all, why would you pay for a booth where the pictures or prints suck?  Our photo booth attendants make the difference, engaging your wedding guests and making sure everyone has a great time.

So – many times the first question from potential wedding clients is – HOW MUCH?  Did you find that spectacular photo on Pinterest or a wedding photographer’s site?  Is it just like you’ve always envisioned your wedding to be like?  We put together this short video to give you a basic understanding of the costs associated with various examples of our past work as DJ and Lighting Specialists.

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