Controlling Those Pre-Wedding Jitters!

  |   Wedding Planning Ideas

All that wedding stress takes its toll, but don’t let it get the best of you! Here are some tips and tricks to help you ease the stress:

  1. Get Organized: You could make lists of the things you need to do today, tomorrow, or in the future. That will help you take some of the responsibilities off of you that you do not need to worry about right this minute. Or, you could even make a list of the problems you are having and then look at them one at a time and resolve them!
  2. Stop Striving For Perfection: Of course you want everything for your wedding to be perfect, but try not to get too caught up in that idea. Your day is going to be perfect even if there are a few mishaps. If you’re expectations are perfection, you are bound to be disappointed. List some of the weight off your shoulders and focus on having fun!
  3. Go Out With The Girls: Sometimes you just need a night out with your friends. Whether you want to go out to dinner, to a club, to the spa, or even just have a movie night, it can make all the difference. Not to mention it will make your friends feel involved with your wedding.
  4. Let Your Stress Out: Sometimes just venting about your stress and getting it all out there really does help! You can talk to a family member, your friends, or even just write it all out in an e-mail or letter. It may not resolve what is going on, but it really will make you feel better!