Corporate Holiday Party Ideas – DJ + Entertainment – Photo Booth Rentals

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Corporate Holiday Party DJ Entertainment, Custom Lighting and Photo Booth Rentals

It’s time to start thinking about your upcoming corporate holiday party in the Connecticut and Massachusetts area.   There are three basic things that need to be addressed for a successful holiday party.  

1.  Music – if the music is boring, so is your party.   What tone do you want to set?  An upbeat party atmosphere or a black-tie laid back gathering?  Relaying the feel that you want for your party and the age range of your employees will help your entertainment hone in on the right soundtrack for your party.    Keeping things diverse in your music is key.  Consider the ages of your employees and their backgrounds.  You might need to keep the music new and fresh for younger guests or concentrate on slow songs for older couples.   Many times we’ve seen diverse crowds but event planners wanted DJs to concentrate on oldies when a more diverse Latin and Adult Top 40 mix of music would have been a better fit for their guests and for the success of their party.

WARNING – hiring a band might be the worse thing you can do for your holiday party success.  Most likely they will be too loud and guests won’t be able to converse.  Most bands are a pretty niche in the styles of music that they can play.  So, your younger guests may never get to hear what they want.  The thing we’ve found with bands – if you have 150 guests, you’ll only get about 30 people on the dance floor at a time.  A DJ has a much better chance of getting a larger crown on the dance floor (and they cost about 1/3 of what a band would charge you).

2.  Lighting and Decor – having your corporate party in a large hotel ballroom?  Without the right decor and lighting, it will just look like a boring hotel ballroom.   With up-lighting and dance lighting – your party will come to life.   Adding table decor (not just a bud vase!) will add so much to your party.   Skip the raffle and long speeches – this brings the energy of your party to a halt and offers breaks where guests will use as a cue to leave.   Raffle over?  Time to go home.  President done with his thank you?  Time to go home.

3. Entertain Them – Whether you rent a photo booth or other forms of alternative entertainment, it’s all about entertaining your employees.   You can have a custom photo booth backdrop with your company logo or holiday theme created.  You can even have your company logo on video screens or as a projected light on the wall.

Whether you are bringing together as few as 100 or as many as 1500 employees, it’s about setting the tone and goal of your party with your entertainment.   With more than 30 years of experience at creating fun and energetic parties, the professionals at Rob Alberti’s Event Services can help you create the perfect soundtrack to your next event.

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