Creating 4 Theatrical Inspired Perfect Moments At Your Wedding

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Creating 4 Theatrical Inspired Perfect Moments At Your Wedding

It is not an accident that when you go to an amazing wedding that everything seems to just flow.  The decor, the lighting, the entertainment and those special moments are designed and planned ahead of time by wedding professionals.  If you think of your reception as a huge stage show and your guests as the audience – this may help you understand what it looks and feels like to them to be at your wedding.

Here are a couple of moments that can be staged by your entertainment or wedding planner that will be remembered by you and your guests for years to come.


Dance In The Round

Dance In The Round – Invite guests to circle your dance floor as you are introduced into the room.  Then, go right into your first dance.  Circled by friends and family during your first dance has such an amazing impact.  It brings everyone into the moment.


Welcome Dad

Welcome Dad – Having your father (or the host of the event) welcome everyone is a great moment at any wedding.  It’s even better if at the end of his welcome if he invites you out on to the dance floor.  It becomes a perfect theatrical transition.


Don’t Bore Me

Don’t Bore MeAs a guest at a wedding, we hate being bored.  Don’t make us sit for an hour and a half or create a snore-fest with lackluster cocktail and dinner music.  ENTERTAIN US.  Stage dancing between courses to fill the void.  Spread out toasts over these lulls in the activity.   Give us something to watch like your cake cutting or parent dances to break up the monotony of a dragged out dinner.


End On A High Note

End On A High NoteGather guests around you for the last couple of songs.  Maybe a slow song to start with just the two of you in the center.  Then invite all the other couples to join.   Roll right into a fast song and end on a high note.  Sing along songs work great at the end as well (Don’t Stop Believing – Journey, Piano Man – Billy Joel, Shut Up And Dance – Walk The Moon).

Check out some song suggestions to end your wedding with.

Think of your reception as more of a theatrical event.  There is reveal as guests enter your venue with your decor and lighting.  There is the start of the first act – when you enter for introductions.  There is a close and encore with your staged slow/fast song at the end.    Your wedding planner, lighting technician or entertainment will help you stage out your special moments.

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