Creating A Wedding “Wow” Factor at your Reception

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Here is an exercise for you – answer these questions and see if you can come up with some ideas to create a WOW factor at your wedding.

  1. Are any of your guests also performers you’d like to perform at your wedding?
  2. What types of music and traditions might your guests enjoy based on family parties in the past?
  3. Does the story of the two of you meeting and dating have a story along with it?  Why not tell that story?
  4. Think back over the years.  Are there any songs that remind you of your guests or the places you’ve been that you could include at the wedding?
  5. Any birthdays, anniversaries around your wedding date?
  6. Are there any inside jokes, college songs or memories that might be appropriate to share?
  7. Is there anyone special you’d like to honor at your wedding?
  8. How can you thank your guests? (write down at least 2 ways)
  9. What about a slide show of the two of you growing up and dating?
  10. What about capturing the day in video or using a photo booth?

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