Creative Wedding Cake Alternatives

  |   Wedding Planning Ideas

Once upon a time, there was one color for wedding cakes (white), one shape (round), and one embellishment (a bride and groom on top). Eventually, bakers branched out: tinting icing, decorating with fresh flowers, experimenting with new flavors and shapes. Today, if you can imagine something, you can probably have it turned into a wedding cake.

But what if you want something truly different? Wedding planners, bakers, and chefs in the Berkshires and throughout New England are willing to help you design a treat that will delight your wedding guests and be remembered long after your reception. Here are just a few ideas to get you started.

Think Small: Cupcakes, arranged in tiers to look like a wedding cake, are a popular option. To personalize them, consider having them decorated with symbols of your honeymoon destination. Even more whimsical (and easier to eat) are cake pops, iced in the wedding colors. Or, for an elegant touch, substitute hundreds of petits fours for one large cake. Other options along these lines include towers of cream puffs, macarons, or chocolate truffles.

Think Outside the (Cake) Box: If cake just isn’t your cup of tea, but you like the visual impact a wedding cake provides, consider how you might achieve it with other foods, and how those might contribute to the atmosphere of your wedding. Looking for sophistication? Try different-sized rounds of artisan cheeses, stacked like a cake and draped with cascades of colorful fruit. Want something fun and lighthearted? Have a “cake” made out of crisp rice cereal and marshmallow treats. We’ve even seen hundreds of brightly colored gelatin shots assembled to look like a cake. For brides and grooms who prefer to serve a late-night snack to guests, consider a “cake” constructed out of pizzas or sliders.

Think Incredible Inedibles: If you just want a beautiful showpiece, consider a cake that’s for looking at, not tasting. A dramatically lit ice sculpture of a wedding cake creates an impression, as does an eye-tricking wedding cake created out of flowers. Bear in mind your audience, your budget, and the image you want to create, and choosing your perfect wedding cake will be a piece of…you know.