Deborah + Ari – Zoom Wedding In The Berkshires

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Zoom Wedding In The Berkshires

Deborah + Ari’s Backyard Zoom Wedding

Deborah + Ari’s family have not had the most success when it comes to weddings. When Ari’s sister got married in the Berkshires a few years ago – her wedding tent literally blew apart (bad wind storm) just hours before their wedding was supposed to happen. Now, with Covid, Deborah and Ari had to rethink their entire wedding day. With the help of Magdalena Events, we worked out a Zoom Wedding – Live Stream for both their local and remote guests to enjoy. They skipped the Wedly scam (national company that remotely controls a zoom call for you) and hired us to manage all the cameras, audio and music needs onsite. You see, live streaming a wedding is not as simple as pointing an iPhone at the couple and hoping people see and hear you exchange vows.

We had 2-cameras, 6 wireless microphones and a dedicated hard-wired streaming laptop to control it all. We work as a team, with one of us controlling audio and cameras and the other managing recording, zoom guests and streaming. It took us a good 2 hours to just stage and wire up everything needed to cover their wedding. We tied in their musician so, again Zoom guests could hear everything that local guests heard.

We knew everything was going to be great as soon as Ari and Deborah approached the 50″ monitor and started interacting with their Zoom guests before the ceremony. You could hear it in their voices – it was truly emotional for all.

Thinking about DIY’ing your own Zoom wedding? Here is what you might want to pick up for gear to get you started. We bring 2 monitors, a dedicated high-end streaming laptop, about 300′ of CAT6 cable, 2 digital mirrorless cameras, HDMI capture cards, HDMI switcher, an 18 channel I/O board for audio, and about $6,000 worth of digital wireless mics. OR – you could just contact us to talk about your wedding plans and how we can help you manage the tech details behind a successful Zoom live-streamed wedding.

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