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OK guys, here’s a page filled with some great resources.  This is meant for my staff of DJs as reference.



White Flat Par LED – Battery Lights with Built in DMX Wireless
Program Static Color/Stand Alone Mode
DMX Controlled Mode

Built In Standard Color Programming

White Flat Par LED (No Battery) (with Built In DMX Wireless – Program Static Color/Stand Alone     – Setup Lights in Wireless DMX Mode Master & Slaves

White Par LED (7x10w) No wireless / No Battery – Static Color – Programing custom color

New Photo Booth setup –  Main Tower   –   Curtains    Where Does Everything Go (Box Inventory)? – Training – Photo Booth

Microphone Techniques – Great video on basic microphone techniques

Stand Alone LED Light Programming – 3w x 42 LED China (RGBA, RGBW)


LEKO GOBO PROJECTION LIGHTS –   Leko Source Four Setup and Focus   – Leko LED Version and Barrel Changes (wider or narrow patterns)


Virtual DJ – Beatmixing

Setting Shure Microphone Channels – Syncing Mic to Base

Locking Shure Microphones

Editing Recordings Using Sony Sound Forge

Creating Playlists in Itunes


Free PDF Converter:  Free PDF Converter

MS Office:  Free Version of Open Office

Music:     Itunes Amazon MP3Panda

Music Charts:   Billboard International Music Charts

DJ Gear Sales:   IDJNow PSSL Zzsounds Musicians Friend

Cables & Specialty Items:   Cyberguys PlanetWaves Parts Express MonoPrice

Used Gear:   Ebay Used Lighting Light Broker

Theatrical Lighting:   Light Trader Par 38 Am DJ Par 64 Floor Stand

Music Videos:    Promo Only

Karaoke:    Pop Hits Monthly

Mp3 Recorder:     Tascam

LCD Projectors:  

Wireless Microphones:   Shure  Line 6


Wireless Speaker:  Line 6 – G50 Model