DJ Ruins Wedding – Hartford CT – Hear For Yourself

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I was doing lighting recently at a high end facility in Hartford, CT and had the unfortunate experience of witnessing yet another inexperienced lesser known DJ.  Do you think all DJ’s are the same?  I beg to differ.

Imagine, during your grand entrance – the intro music cuts out multiple times.   Guests in the back of the room can’t hear a word that he is saying due to the cheap microphone and poorly placed speakers in the room.   Your bridal party does not know when to start walking down the stairs because they can’t hear their names being announced.   Guests don’t know when to clap.  This is NOT A GRAND ENTRANCE.

Don’t believe me?  Hear it for yourself.

Now, both bride and groom are standing in the middle of the dance floor.  Their guests are circled around them.  It’s time for your first dance.  But wait, the DJ is having problems cueing up your song (it’s a laptop – should take less than 10 seconds).  You stand their awkwardly for 30 seconds, a minute, two minutes – no one knows what to do.  Finally, after nearly 2 and a half minutes – the song starts.

Don’t believe me?  Here it for yourself.

OK, the embarrassment of your first dance deboggle is over, it’s time for your maid of honor’s toast.   She is standing only 15 feet away from the DJ (not where she should be – next to the couple for photography purposes).  The microphone cuts in and out.  Her toast is ruined.

Don’t believe me?  Here it for yourself.

They probably got a great deal on their DJ.  They paid top dollar for the facility, the food, the decor, the lighting and they skimped on their entertainment.  If this were a broadway play, the audience would have left before the dinner was served.

Not all DJs are alike in style, skill or quality.   Make sure you hear your DJ for an introduction, etc in either audio or video clips before hiring one of these less known DJs that could ruin your wedding.

2013-11-23 11.43.56

Speaker and Subwoofer placed nearly on top of the wedding cake. Talk about ugly.