DJing Back On The Farm Land That I Grew Up On

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DJing Back In Southwick, MA On The Farmland That I Called Home

This weekend was a big deal for me as a DJ.  I got to go back to the farmland that I grew up on.  My first memory is walking into our new home in Southwick (notch on the bottom border of MA/CT) when I was about 2. I remember clinging to my mother as we walked into the kitchen for the first time.

Over the years, we tore apart just about every room in that 100-year-old farmhouse and rebuilt it from the studs out.  There was always one project or another my siblings and I were working on around the hobby farm.  We had a garden and a few animals to help feed the family and so we had something to enter into the 4-H fair each year.   

We tore down a tobacco barn across town and used all the wood to build our own 3 story barn on the farm.  We dug out the 100-foot long driveway and filling in the 3′ deep x 15′ wide ditch with rocks that we picked up around the farm.

As I got older, we added to the original 10-acre farm with a wood lot nearby and we cleared over 10 acres of wood (and sold the firewood) to make room for my father’s retirement plan – 10 acres of Christmas trees.  Before he sold the farm and moved into his retirement home, a long-time dream came true and he bought the 20 acres cow pasture adjacent to our two properties, combining it into a 40-acre property.

In one of the pictures below, you will see me as an 8-year-old kid and another image with a pine tree next to my truck – I planted that tree (and probably 1,000 others).  That sapling was only 8″ tall when I put it in the ground.  Now, they are 15-20′ tall. 

Now, this weekend, I am back on that farm DJing for family friends that I’ve known for nearly 35 or 40 years.  The Dunlap twins turn 50 and it was a 200+ person blow-out of a party.   I’ve never seen a bigger fireworks display and the burning 50 sign and ENORMOUS USA FLAG were the centerpieces of the entire event.

They flew in a friend from Nashville, Sarah Martin (@sarahmartinmusic) and we provided sound support for her music sets.  Once Sarah was done performing and the fireworks were done, it was time to get busy and we had a packed dance floor for almost 2 hours (before the party moved into “The Hangar” for their after party.