Find A DJ For My Wedding

Find A DJ For My Wedding

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Find A DJ For My Wedding

Find a DJ for my wedding:  Exactly how do you go about finding a DJ for your wedding?  Or better yet, how do you find a great wedding DJ? (because who wants an “average” wedding DJ? So many couples forget that your choice of wedding DJs will either make your celebration something truly amazing or will be one of your biggest regrets on your wedding day. How do you want your family and guests to remember your wedding? Are you thinking that I’m looking for a DJ for my wedding? Let’s help you find the best available DJ Entertainment for your wedding.

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How To Find A Great Wedding DJ

Do your research:  Between stalking them on Instagram, Facebook and checking out their reviews on Wedding Wire and The Knot or other online reviews – there is so much information to help you weed out the mediocre from the amazing when it comes to wedding DJs.

Really read the reviews online from potential wedding DJs.  Don’t just see if they have a 5-star review.  Are they specific in what the DJ did to earn such a great review?  Did they merely play music and people were dancing?  Or did they go above and beyond and handle all the behind-the-scenes details needed to make a wedding flow smoothly?  Were people up and dancing before dinner was even served? Were guests there until the last song or did they leave soon after dinner ended?

How To Find A Good DJ For Your Wedding

If you are only concerned about finding a cheap alternative as your wedding DJ – check out websites like BARK, FASH, and THUMBTACK.  They are known for inexpensive, entry-level wedding DJs with very limited experience.  You’ll find DJ extremely inexpensive there – but if you are more concerned with filling your dance floor and creating an amazing experience for you and your wedding guests, it’s time to start considering that you are going to get what you pay for.  

A $100 cake from Stop & Shop is not anywhere near the same quality and style as a $1,000 cake from your favorite baker.  Why would you expect that a $400 DJ on Craigslist would be anything like what you can expect from a $2,000 Professional Wedding DJ?

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How Much Is A DJ For A Wedding?

If you do a few Google searches on “how much is a DJ for a wedding”, you’ll probably run into a few national surveys from the likes of Brides.com or Wedding Wire.  The reality is that these numbers are skewed much lower than you should expect to pay.  

First – national averages are very different from local pricing.  For example, prices for DJs in CT, MA, The Berkshires, and Hudson Valley tend to be much higher than national averages (Cost of living).  The national numbers also include outliers like Craigslist DJs – It’s like comparing the weddings costs of getting married at The Local Moose Lodge v. The Society Room of Hartford.  There is no comparison and prices are probably 5x as high between those two wedding venues.

Wedding DJ Packages And Pricing

The price of a local wedding DJ also is very dependent on the wedding packages that they offer.  If you are having a micro-wedding and only need 3 hours of service, you should expect to pay less than if you need 10 hours of services, uplighting, a larger sound system to cover 400 guests, a photo booth, and a 2-DJ/MC team.  Here are some rough averages in our area for wedding DJ packages from local experienced wedding DJs.

Micro-Wedding DJ Package ($600 – $1,200)
3-hours of service, 1 location, no dancing

Basic Wedding DJ Package ($1,000 – $1,400)
5-hours of DJ Services, Cocktail hour outside, Dinner and Dancing inside

Wedding DJ Package with Ceremony Support ($1,600 – $2,200)
6-hours of total DJ Services, Separate dedicated ceremony sound system with multiple wireless microphones, Cocktail hour outside (remote speaker), Dinner and Dancing inside, Dance lighting

Wedding DJ Package with Up-Lighting ($2,000 – $2,800)
5-hours of total DJ Services, Cocktail hour outside with remote wireless speaker, Dinner and Dancing inside, Full venue uplighting around entire perimeter of the venue with wireless color changing and dimming capabilities.

Luxury Wedding DJ Package With Custom Lighting Options $4,500 -$7,000)
6-hours of total DJ Services with a wedding DJ with 20+ years experience, Separate battery-powered dedicated ceremony sound system with multiple wireless microphones, Cocktail hour & Firepit areas sound coverage with wireless remote speakers, Dinner and Dancing inside, Dance floor lighting, Tent string lighting/Uplighting/Chandelier installations or other custom lighting installation options.

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Local DJs Near Me

When looking for local DJs or other wedding vendors near you – please realize that there is a reason they call us “mobile DJs” as well.  Just because we are based in The Berkshires / Western MA – does not mean that we can’t easily travel to your CT, Southern VT, or Boston/Newport-based wedding.  The great thing about being located in Western MA – within 90 minutes of our base of operations, we can reach, Albany NY, Boston MA, Providence RI, The CT Shoreline, and Burlington VT.

Want to see what areas we typically cover? Areas Of DJ Coverage

How To Find A DJ For Your Wedding

One thing we always recommend to couples who are planning their wedding and out looking to find a DJ for their wedding – be sure to HEAR what you should expect on your wedding day.  That means you should be able to hear your potential wedding DJ make announcements, introduce a wedding party and also MIX MUSIC, and show that they can keep your dance floor filled at your wedding.  There are many Itunes DJs out there that just let a song end and then start the next song without properly mixing dance songs together for a seamless high-energy packed dance floor.

I Want To Hear What My Wedding DJ Will Sound Like Before I Lock In My Wedding Date

Check out some of our music dance sets and see how we can fill your dance floor.   So many couples are afraid no one will dance at their wedding.   We want you and your guests to be up and dancing – not sitting and being bored. 
You will get guaranteed more dance time with one of our DJs.   
I am going to make sure everything we do and play reflects your personality and not some canned DJ routine (ie – chicken dance).  
You are going to have an amazing time, no cheesy DJ antics here.  Turn up the volume, put on your headphones, and take a listen to what your wedding might sound like with one of our DJs.

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What Questions To Ask Your Wedding DJ?

Q: What is your instagram account? See what they’ve been up to and make sure it jives with the style you are looking for at your wedding.
A:  You can see 100’s of past events where we have provided both DJ/MC and custom lighting designs to make sure your wedding is Pinterest-worthy.

Q: Are you a WEDDING DJ or are you a KARAOKE/BAR DJ? 
A: Both require different skill sets – thinking the local bar DJ can handle your black-tie wedding will only get you into a whole lot of trouble.  More than 85% of our business is wedding-related.  We live and breathe weddings.  You won’t find us spinning tunes at a dive bar or singing Nickelback karaoke tracks.

Q:  How many weddings do you do each year?  How many have you done over your career?  
A:  I’ve been DJing for more than 30 years and do between 50-100 events each year personally

Q:  Where do you get your music from?  
A:  A professional wedding DJ will have a services such as Promo Only or other DJ Music Pool where they obtain radio-edited music licensed for public use.  Your Craigslist DJ will be stealing music from Youtube, streaming from Itunes or Spotify and you can guarantee that an F-Bomb is coming sooner or later.  

Q:  What Makes You Different Than The Rest Of The Wedding DJs In The Area?
A:  It’s our customer service, our attention to the little details, and our extensive background in creating the perfect party atmosphere that sets our extraordinary entertainers from the “I want to be a DJ’s” in the area.  We do not rely on Cheesy DJ antics or canned routines at our events.  We personalize each event that we do.  Our parties are unforgettable, and our customer service is second to none.  Just take a look at our rave reviews online, our social media and compare it to the competition.  You can see the difference.  You can hear the difference.  You will remember the difference.  Don’t risk the success of your event with something less than extraordinary. 

Q: Is The DJ assigned to be listed clearly on the contract and do I get to meet/talk with them directly to go over details?
A: You will always have the opportunity to talk directly with your DJ from the moment you contact us and all the way through the planning process

Want to find more questions to ask your wedding DJ?

What Makes Us Different?

A Quick Rundown Of Our Background


Number of Weddings

Our Experience


Positive Online Reviews

More Than


States Performed In

And 3 Countries


Years Experience

More Than

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See What Past Wedding Couples Had To Say About Rob Alberti Events

“We received so many compliments on the music and the atmosphere and it wouldn’t have been possible without him”

“keeping people shaking on the dance floor well into the evening”

“Rob was so great to work with. He was quick to respond to emails, listened to what we wanted, and helped us make decisions when we were having difficulty” “

“Worth every penny spent!! Our guests had a blast!!! Rob kept the music flowing from one song to another”

“He was great at reading the crowd and keeping the guests out on the dance floor. Many guests commented how it was the most fun wedding they’ve been to in a long time”

“He listened to every request we had and was just amazing. He had every single person on the dance floor for ages 13 to 94”

“a great job seamlessly mixing one song into the next for nonstop dancing all night long. I never left the dance floor!”

“sends you tips & tricks about wedding etiquette and things to consider on your wedding day that we never even thought of! You have to go with Rob Alberti!!!”

“Not only did he take the time to visit the site and consult with us several times leading up to the event — he also advised us on lighting for other areas of the property”

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Afraid no one will dance at your wedding?  Or that your wedding will be AVERAGE? Remember, if you are paying average pricing for your DJ, you are getting an AVERAGE DJ and who wants just average out of your wedding DJ?

Whether you are a foodie, hipster couple, or off-beat-bride – dancing is so important to you and you want your wedding to be a unique reflection of your personalities. Creating the perfect soundtrack for your wedding takes an expert, not someone that does karaoke at the local bar or who only has done a couple of weddings in their entire career. It takes experience, training, and practice. Our new DJs spend YEARS working under one of our master DJ/MCs to become one of our DJs on staff.

See what our past clients have to say:  “Worth every penny spent!! Our guests had a blast!!! Rob kept the music flowing from one song to another”

So many couples are afraid no one will dance at their wedding. We want you and your guests to be up and dancing – not sitting and being bored. You will get guaranteed more dance time with one of our DJs. I am going to make sure everything we do and play reflects your personality and not some canned DJ routine (ie – chicken dance). You are going to have an amazing time, no cheesy DJ antics here.

Now let’s create some extraordinary memories at your wedding. Click below to connect and see if we can help make your wedding AMAZING.

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We are a Luxury Wedding DJ and Custom Event Lighting company – no cheesy DJ antics here.
My stomping grounds are The Berkshires MA, Hudson Valley NY to Boston, Newport RI, and Hartford to CT Shoreline.

Meet Kayla & Scott

Kayla & Scott had their wedding at The Aqua Turf. The unique thing about their wedding was that Kayla wanted to surprise Scott, a big Star Wars fan. Months before the wedding, Kayla and I were meeting and planning in secrecy. Kayla was working with the groomsmen for their stormtrooper entrance to the wedding.

Scott had no idea what was happening and it was such a huge surprise to both he and all their guests. To this day, on their anniversary – Kayla reposts the youtube video we took of that Storm Trooper march into their reception and the mashup dance that ensued.

I’ve got to watch their family grow over the years and the two of them continue to recommend us to all their friends and family.

Check out the video below!