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The Riverview Simsbury Wedding

Are you the type of couple who makes your own rules and has your own style? Are you ready for the wedding of a lifetime, but afraid the DJ’s corny antics will scare away your guests? Well, you can wipe the sweat from your brow because we’ve got the solution. A love story as unique as yours calls for our innovative wedding entertainment.

Our DJ services start around $1600, with most clients spending between $2000-$2800
on their wedding DJ with Rob Alberti.

All our services are independent (ie – you can have us just do your wedding lighting, or simply rent a photo booth or combine any and all our services including wedding disc jockey – custom lighting design – photo booth rentals)

Hear What Your Wedding Might Sound Like With One Of Our Luxury Wedding DJs

“Always so quick to respond to any email or phone call” Shari & Eric – Wedding and Ceremony At The Society Room of Hartford, CT


At Rob Alberti’s Event Services, we help soul-mates and trendsetters create a fun wedding that is not cheesy by transforming their event space. With our lighting, entertainment, and photo booth, we really make your party pop! We keep your guests dancing all night while staying true to your personalities and without relying on the chicken dance…because that would just be embarrassing. You and your family and friends will be taken on a musical journey on your wedding day.

“I honestly don’t think we left the dance floor!!”
Ashley & Ben – Wedding DJs At The Marquee, Hartford, CT

Imagine your wedding reception completely in the hands of trusted event experts, making sure every little detail of your wedding day goes smoothly. No worrying about when you need to cut the cake or if your parents are in the room…we will take care of everything for you that day. Your guests will have a blast in your photo booth, they will act like paparazzi as they take photos of your reception lighting. Your guests will tell you that it was the best wedding ever…

No Stress Wedding Planning

You must be so excited about planning your big day! If you’re looking for more than just the “Plain Jane” wedding, you’ve come to the right place. We know how stressful a couple’s workload can be, and that’s why we’re here to help.

Have you dreamed of your wedding reception as being fun, memorable, classy, exciting, and entertaining? One of our world-class Wedding Event Directors will help you bring that dream to life! Wedding Event Directors are quickly becoming the favorite choice of even the choosiest couples who really want their guests to get involved, dance, sing along, laugh, have fun, and more importantly, create memories that will never be forgotten.

“The lighting and music were perfect. Rob helped make our day look and sound just the way we wanted. He was professional and kept everything moving on time and in a seamless fashion.” Danielle – Lake of Isles North Stonington CT


Here at @djrobalberti, we know weddings! And when it comes to setup, it’s all about pre-planning and timing! With each event, we have a finite amount of time to set up for our couple’s special day. With that in mind, we’ve streamlined everything from our rolling carts to cables and storage bins. This allows our team of experts to get in, know where everything is supposed to be set up, and efficiently get the job done each and every time, whether we are setting up just our DJ system, one of our large-scale lighting installations —or both! (This also enables us to provide an extra set of hands for other vendors on-site, if necessary. As that old adage goes, many hands make light work!)

“Rob is very organized and cares about each wedding he DJs… He helped us through the entire process.” Meaghan – The Berkshires Wedding Lighting


Here at @djrobalberti, we love working with each new couple to create something special and unique for them! No two couples share the same story, nor do they desire to create the same wedding format, feel or design. We pride ourselves on being receptive to each couple’s vision.

Whether through a unique blend of music styles or an inspirational image of lighting design, it’s our job to create that perfect day for you. We treat every wedding like it is one of our $1,000,000-budget weddings. Everything must be perfect and exactly what you dreamed the day to be.

“I have 3 more daughters getting married and he will be our DJ!” Nicolina Mystic CT Wedding DJ


Wanna hear some real talk? It’s not unusual for us to get to a wedding and something ends up different than what we had planned for. That outdoor ceremony could end up inside due to the weather, or the meal service could run long and cause guests to feel restless and ready for the dancefloor. The good news? Our entire team knows to quickly adapt and go with the flow to cover for just about any situation that arises.

Once we actually set up 3 times to do the ceremony outside before we were able to sneak it in during a reprieve in the rain! We’ll do whatever you need to make your vision come true. Tell us, have you ever attended a wedding that had some crazy twists and turns due to the weather?

I am so so glad that we went with DJ Jim as he was amazing! He was so so helpful and communicative during the planning phase, and always helped calm me down when I was stressed.”  Daisy – Mystic CT Wedding DJ


Hey there, Rob, here … I think I speak for our entire team when I say, I still get choked up with I witness the first dance, or the maid of honor gives a heartfelt speech. Our genuine care for creating a stage to honor those special moments generates the maximum emotional impact every time. It’s not just a wedding to us — it’s a treasured moment for each couple that we desire everyone to feel and be impacted by.

“Kudos to all the staff !!!! From lighting to photo booth to dj
everyone was professional and entertaining, they truly are thorough and compassionate about your needs and helpful with their expertise and help you make decisions for your special moments throughout the day. Absolutely love them and highly recommend for any special occasion”  Tina – The Berkshires Wedding DJ

Attainable Luxury

There’s nothing we love more than creating a memorable experience for the wedding guests who attend each of the big days we have the privilege of being part of! From the music we play to encourage even the biggest wallflowers out on the dance floor to ensuring the photo booth is actually interactive, and that the lighting complements the vibe and queues your guests that it’s time to mix and mingle, time to eat, and time to dance —a luxurious experience is attainable even if you don’t have a $250,000 budget.

Jesse keeping people shaking on the dance floor well into the evening. Everything was wonderful and all went off without a hitch, highly recommend!!”  Lincoln – Racebrook Lodge Wedding DJ & Tent Lighting

What Do You Do Now?

Contact DJ Rob today to learn about our pricing and availability for your upcoming event.
We offer wedding DJs, Custom Lighting Design, and Photo Booth Rentals.

Describe your wedding in 3 words so we have an understanding of what you are looking for.
Send us an inspirational image of what you are trying to create for custom wedding lighting.
Tell us the style of music that gets you up and shaking your booty.
Let us guide you through the planning process.

Our stomping grounds are The Berkshires and Hartford CT areas, but we travel from Hudson Valley NY to Boston MA, and Southern VT to the CT Shoreline and Newport RI. Get started today.

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