How To Avoid Guests Getting Bored At Your Wedding

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How To Avoid Guests Getting Bored At Your Wedding

No one wants their wedding guests leaving early because they are bored

How To Avoid Guests Getting Bored At Your Wedding:  How do you keep guests entertained at your wedding?  No one wants an empty dance floor at their wedding with guests just hanging around bored at their tables or worse yet – leaving your wedding early after you’ve put so much time and money into creating your wedding plans.  Don’t want to see your wedding guests checking their watches, looking for the chance to leave early?

The first thing you have to understand is that your guests won’t care what you spent your wedding budget on and a $200 per plate meal might not entertain them as much as Food trucks or other unique aspects that separate your wedding from every other wedding they have been to.  Wedding guests hate being bored.  You’ve invited them to your wedding – it’s your job to create that fun and festive environment and entertain your guests.

I was just up in The Berkshires MA for a site visit with one of our upcoming couples.  As we were walking the private residence site for their wedding with their planner and caterer – the caterer was talking about setting up their cooking and prep area around the back of the house away from the 25 wedding guests.  Reilly & Jimmy made a comment that resonated.  “Can you set up right nearby the guests so they can see you cook?”  I’d call it dinner and a show!  Take something mundane like catering and make it a part of your entertainment of your guests.  It’s time to start thinking out of the box and see how you can avoid the typical wedding guest pet peeves and keep them engaged and involved in all aspects of your wedding celebration.

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BEST. DJ. EVER. (and best photo booth and uplighting)
BEST DJ EVER. People dancing the entire time, which is what we wanted. We had multiple people ask who the DJ was the following day. He is super professional, but also laid back and just so nice! We also did the photo booth which was AMAZING. People also used it the entire night as well. Plus the uplighting made the vibe!! Our wedding was so perfect and a HUGE reason was because Rob was our DJ!!! Can’t recommend enough!!!” 

Julie & Ian – The Society Room Of Hartford Wedding DJ With Uplighting

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I would first suggest that you skip some of those old and dated wedding traditions.  Have you ever had fun at someone else’s wedding when they did the garter and bouquet ceremony?   Were you even paying attention to that last wedding when your friends cut their wedding cake?  Were you a bit ticked off when it wasn’t an open bar at your cousin’s wedding?  Remember when you were starving at your sister’s wedding because the hors d’oeuvres ran out?    Or were you the one trying to hide the fact that you were yawning since the meal was done?

It is OK to include the wedding traditions that resonate with the two of you (or your family expects) and just skip the rest of them.  Let your personalities color everything that you do at your wedding – from the background music during cocktail hour to the wedding cake design.  Take it from someone who has been behind the scenes at weddings for more than 30 years – there are boring weddings and then there are amazing weddings that resonate with everyone (even us wedding vendors!).

Of course, weddings are expensive and you might be constrained by your wedding budget, but if you concentrate on a few key items and spend your budget wisely, you can have a memorable (and not boring) wedding.   If you are both “Foodies” then a larger portion of your budget should go to getting the best wedding caterer that you can afford.   Maybe you are more into lighting?  Then, be sure to put a line item in your wedding budget for amazing lighting at your wedding.  The same goes for floral or photography – if those are your main concern, then spend accordingly.  

“Excellent – easy to work with and professional throughout
Working with Rob for our wedding was a pleasure. He was easy to get in touch with in the months before the big day, asked all the right questions to figure out what our preferences were, and generally made the weekend much less stressful than it could’ve been. All the audio in the ceremony went smoothly, and people were on the dance floor all night — his music choices nailed the tone we were going for. Excellent job all around.”

Peter – Mass MoCA Museum Wedding DJ – North Adams MA

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If you are all about the big party aspect of your wedding reception – then it’s all about the music and entertainment for you.  Wedding bands can be a big hit to your wedding budget, but live entertainment is important, then hiring a wedding DJ is not for you.  Maybe unique live entertainment during the social hour will appease your live musician need, and then let your DJ fill your dance floor when the time comes.  Yes – wedding DJs are much less expensive than a typical wedding band, but the music will sound like what you expect with a DJ v. wedding band.  Expecting your wedding band to sound just like Bruno Mars, Khalid, Earth Wind & Fire, and Pitbull probably won’t happen.  Having your wedding DJ play your favorite hits from those same groups will sound just like you and your guests expect.  No one dances to songs they just don’t recognize. 

Lawn games like corn hole and Jenga are fun, but they won’t take the place of a packed dance floor at your wedding.  Sure – you should have things like lawn games or photo booths for guests that are not dancing (at that moment), but for most of our wedding couples, it’s all about that packed dance floor.

There is nothing like the feel of all your guests on the dance floor surrounding you as you dance the night away.   After all – it’s about the entertainment.  Let’s be clear – just like wedding bands or wedding photographers – there are OK ones and there are AMAZING ONES.  Which do you want at your wedding and what can you afford?  An $800 wedding DJ might show up to your wedding and play some music, but they probably won’t engage your guests and keep them entertained.  I’m not talking cheesy DJ antics or endless line dances at your wedding reception – It’s about what we’d call “subtle crowd manipulation” by playing the right mix of music at the right time to keep the energy on your dance floor going.  That is not something that all wedding DJs have the ability to do.  Heck, think back to some of those weddings you were a guest at the last couple years – you know that there are bad DJs and only once in a while do you come across an AMAZING WEDDING DJ.  It’s your job to entertain your wedding guests – so choose wisely.

How To Avoid Guests Getting Bored At Your Wedding
Listen To What Your Wedding Might Sound Like With Our Music Mixes

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“Such a great team!
I cannot say enough about Rob and his team. They provided both the lighting and sound for our wedding. They are a well-oiled machine for sure. They know exactly what they are doing and I felt extremely confident stepping back and letting them do their thing. Completely stress-free.
Not to mention, there was a wedding in the tent the day after ours. The couple apparently wanted to use the same lighting set-up as we chose. Rob went out of his way to contact me and let me know that since he and his team weren’t going to have to set up the lights again, we could choose between a discounted lighting rate OR a free photo booth! We went with the free photo booth and we were so glad we did. Our guests LOVED it! There were two attendants running it and it was simply so well done and efficient the night of.
Our DJ Jim was amazing. He was very experienced and had many great tips that helped the night flow perfectly. He was helpful throughout the entire process and extremely responsive. Our guests were on the dance floor all night long!”

Erin – HSV Tented Wedding DJ In The Berkshires MA

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