Hybrid DJ/Bands – Not What They Are Hyped Up To Be

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Hybrid DJ/Bands – Not What They Are Hyped Up To Be

We had the opportunity to work with a couple hybrid DJ/Bands this past wedding season. It seems cool on the surface – the best of both worlds. A DJ to MC your event and play music in the style that you and your guests will recognize. Plus, you get the excitement of a live band, or do you? The thing is, you also get the worst of the two choices as well.

The Pitfalls Of Hiring A Hybrid DJ/Band

It’s Too Loud

The DJ has to play LOUD in order to match the musician’s volume. Your older guests are not going to be able to talk to each other and they will end up leaving early from your wedding. No one wants half their guests to leave soon after dinner ends. At one of our weddings at The Clark, we saw older guests LEAVE THE TENT to get away from the super loud music even during dinner. It was ear-bleeding loud. I’ve been DJing for decades and I would never think to have music at these levels – especially during DINNER!

The Music Choice Becomes Dictated By What The Musicians Can Play Along With

Your Hybrid DJ will literally play pre-designed sets of music so the musicians can follow along. That means, that the cool thing about your bespoke wedding Dj being able to play any style music from moment to moment now goes out the door. They almost become limited like a wedding band and their pre-set playlist that they follow for every wedding. Nothing special about that. Literally every wedding becomes almost the same as every other wedding. Who wants that? That means – they will limit the style of music and the flow at your wedding. They follow the playlist v. react to what guests are vibing to or not.

Not Enough Of Your Wedding Guests Will Dance

In all the occasions that we saw these hybrid DJ/Bands at weddings – with 150 guests in attendance, there were barely 30-40 of them dancing at any one time. As a wedding DJ- our goal is to always have 2/3rd or more of your guests on the dance floor at all times. This is the downfall of most wedding bands – such a small percentage of your guests actually dance v. if you had a great DJ that can entertain all ages. Why would you want to pay EXTRA for a Hybrid DJ only to have LESS people dance at your wedding? It just doesn’t make sense – especially when most of our clients are all about the party and always tell us they want everyone up and dancing at their wedding.

Hybrid Wedding DJ Live Musicians

What We’ve Seen When It Comes To Hybrid Wedding DJs and Live Musicians

We are in a unique position – yes, we have nearly 10 wedding DJs on staff, but on any given wedding weekend, we have lighting crews at work alongside area wedding bands and these hybrid DJs. We get to see and experience it all. On Sundays and Mondays, we regroup and talk about what we’ve seen and experienced that weekend. It helps us become better at what we do and helps us guide our clients to avoid the pitfalls of a less than stellar wedding experience.

Take that extra money you were going to spend on a hybrid DJ/live musician and hire a better bespoke wedding DJ that will help make your wedding unique and not like every other wedding. You will be so much happier in the end and your wedding guests will have a better experience at your wedding.

See What Our Past Clients Feel About Their Experience With Us As Their Wedding DJ

Chat GPT was able to help us summarize the past year’s wedding couple testimonials below so you can understand the Rob Alberti difference.

Personalized and Vision-Driven Services:

The testimonials consistently highlight the team’s ability to understand and bring the client’s vision to life. This involves careful consideration of the client’s preferences and desires for the event, particularly in terms of music and lighting.

The entire team are commended for their attention to detail, responsiveness, and dedication to creating a personalized and memorable experience.
The emphasis on understanding the client’s music taste, incorporating requested songs, and crafting playlists that resonate with the couple and their guests is a notable aspect of your service.

Exceptional Lighting Expertise:

The reviews consistently praise the lighting services provided by Rob Alberti and the team. From twinkling lights to bistro light installations, the lighting is described as magical, beautiful, and contributing significantly to the overall atmosphere of the event.

Rob’s expertise in lighting decor, including uplighting, hanging lanterns, string lighting, and even a disco ball, is highlighted as a key factor in creating a visually stunning and unforgettable ambiance for weddings and events.

The ability to transform venues with carefully curated lighting arrangements appears to be a distinctive strength of your services.

Professionalism and Seamless Execution:

Clients repeatedly mention the professionalism and reliability of the team, emphasizing that the planning process and the day-of execution were stress-free.

The DJs are praised for their ability to read the crowd, keep the dance floor lively, and seamlessly manage the flow of events, including ceremonies, toasts, and dance parties.

The team’s ability to adapt to changes, coordinate effectively with other wedding vendors, and provide a smooth, enjoyable experience for both the couple and their guests is highlighted as a strong selling point.

Hear What A Luxury Wedding DJ Sounds Like V. What You Might Expect With A Hybrid Wedding DJ

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