Is A DIY Wedding Right For You?

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Trying to maintain a budget on your wedding or even want to add a more personal feel? DIY weddings are all the rage! More and more people are trying to make their own invitations, save the dates, cake toppers, and even center pieces! At first, a DIY wedding may seem overwhelming, but it can actually be quite simple and fun. Creating your own invitations, center pieces, etc. can allow you to take a step back from all the stressful planning. So, is a DIY wedding for you? Are you…

-Creative – Being artsy and creative is a great thing for DIY weddings. It doesn’t take too much to glue some things together, but it does take some skill and imagination to create your dream wedding. You are the only one who knows exactly how you want your wedding.

-Controlling- Believe it or not, if you’re always wanting to be in control, DIY weddings allow you to have a lot of control over how your decorations look. Waiting around and leaving your wedding in the hands of other people takes a lot of patience and trust and if you’re not comfortable with that, take control!

-Cheap- Don’t take that the wrong way, we all try to look for deals. Weddings can be expensive, but a DIY wedding you can really keep track of how much you are spending so you can stay on track with your budget.

If you are any of these types of brides or even just wanting to try a DIY wedding, they can be tons of fun and add lots of personal style to your day. There are plenty of websites and videos that can give you ideas and assist you in your DIY wedding planning.

Here is a video of some DIY invitations:

Good luck and remember to have fun!