Lighting for Wedding Receptions in CT

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Adding lighting to your wedding reception may not seem of much importance, but you would be surprised by the difference it makes. Whether it is simply white lighting, or pulling out that highlight color in your wedding decorations, it will really turn the whole venue into a completely new one. Not to mention that with all the types of lighting available, you can make the space entirely your own. With up-lighting, tent lighting, string lighting, and many other ways to re-create the space you’re in, lighting for your wedding reception in CT is going to make your wedding that much more memorable.

If your wedding venue has a lot of character and interesting architectural aspects (such as pillars, etc.) then up-lighting can be used to highlight that beauty. In the example of pillars, a light can be placed at the base of each one creating quite a beautiful atmosphere. Arches and other aspects of the room can also be highlighted to make for a beautiful venue that you and your guests will never be able to forget.

Tents are a hugely popular wedding venue in the warmer seasons. Tents allow you to technically be outside and inside at the same time which really attracts people. You may think that lighting may seem a bit impossible in a tent, but that is completely wrong. Tent lighting is definitely possible and looks absolutely stunning. As the night goes on, it actually becomes even more beautiful with the darkness growing outside.

String lighting creates more of a magical romantic feeling which a lot of couples love. String lighting can be used indoor, outdoor, in a tent, or at pretty much any venue you choose. A lot of people think it might look a bit festive because string lights are used around Christmas time, but string lights are actually very adaptable. I think they look gorgeous in any outdoor or tent wedding due to the fact that they look like fireflies lighting up the sky.

No matter the venue or style of lighting, lighting for your wedding reception in CT is bound to create a beautiful feel for your wedding making it unforgettable.

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