Lighting – The Difference

  |   Wedding Planning Ideas

I had the opportunity to attend a lighting training class put on by the American DJ Association last night in CT.  The event was well attended with many well recognized leaders in the DJ industry in attendance.    The presenter was well versed in DMX light training and we learned a couple tricks last night.

The biggest thing we learned was not something from the presenter, it was from the other area DJs who were dabbling in the architectural uplighting at weddings.  NO ONE HAS NEAR THE CAPABILITIES THAT WE HAVE.  They are literally years behind us when it comes to equipment and experience.   With our wireless DMX capabilities and our higher output lighting fixtures, we clearly outshine what they are trying so hard to do.  With more than $8,000 invested, their $100 light fixtures just won’t do much for the atmosphere at your event.

Take a very close look at the photos that other area “lighting vendors” are promoting at uplighting.  Notice how the room is PITCH BLACK and all you see is their lights?  No faces of guests.  That’s a dead giveaway.  Something is wrong.

If you want your wedding to look like a circus tent, then by all means enjoy their $500 upsell.  If, however you are serious about lighting your venue properly, come see what we have to offer.    It’s going to cost you more, but you will be absolutely blown away with the end results.