Memories in Motion

  |   Wedding Planning Ideas

A photographer is a must have on any wedding day to capture moments of beauty that you can treasure for a lifetime. However, videographers are often overlooked. With all the new and improved forms of technology, videographers have new techniques that will make your wedding even more memorable!

• Documentary-Style: The classic wedding tape is definitely one to remember, but have you thought about turning your wedding into a documentary? It could feature footage from the wedding, interviews of you, your groom, and your family members, and even outtakes!

• Wedding Favor: Yes! Your wedding on DVD could be used as a wedding favor! Your family members and friends could always remember your big day. The DVD is definitely a big hit-especially with those emotional parents!

• 3-D: Your wedding could even be in 3-D which would make it seem like a real movie! Some videographers have the right equipment to make this happen-just make sure they actually have it before hiring them!