Music to Dance to At Your Wedding

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Music to Dance to At Your Wedding

Top Tips for Keeping Your Wedding Guests on The Dance Floor

Music to dance to at your wedding – need ideas on what songs to get wedding guests dancing at your wedding?  The first thing you should remember, you hire wedding vendors to help you.  Your florist will help you find the right combination of colors, textures and flowers to fit your style.  They will probably suggest things you would have never thought of yourself (unless you have years experience as a florist).  The same goes for your wedding photos – you might show your photographer some inspirational images you’ve seen at past weddings at your venue to let them know what you like, but they will probably have you stand in front of things and spaces that you would personally have never thought to take a selfie in front of – and they will end up with amazing images of you on your wedding day.  

Well – the same thing goes for your wedding DJ.  You can offer up a list of some of your favorite songs or the feel you are looking for during social hour or dinner and with their years of experience, they can flush that out to create your wedding day soundtrack.  Thinking that you should tell your caterer exactly how to cook or serve the meal is just crazy, why do you think you need to tell your wedding DJ what order to play songs in or pick out EVERY SONG to be played.   Rely on their experience to help pick out music to get you and your guests dancing at your wedding.

“Rob was able to set the perfect tone of our wedding through music.
The lighting and music were perfect.
Rob helped make our day look and sound just the way we wanted.
He was professional and kept everything moving on time and in a seamless fashion.”

Danielle – The Berkshires MA Wedding DJ and Tent String Lighting

So, what music should you pick to dance to at your wedding?  Think of it more like – what are the 5 most important songs that you absolutely want played during dancing?  Maybe it’s that favorite sorority song or that tune you heard on your first date?  Do you need to play mom’s favorite 80s tune or that song that you and your crew always get up and dance to at the local bar?  Those are all important.  Make a note about those key songs and be sure to tell your wedding DJ.

It’s also good to write out a few songs that YOU DON’T WANT PLAYED at your wedding.  Does the “Macarena” make you cringe? Or are you just sick of hearing “We Are Family” at every wedding you attend?  These too are important to convey to your local wedding DJ.

It’s probably less imporatant to tell them the 7 Taylor Swift songs you like, because reality is – they probably will only get to play 1 or 2 of them.  Time really flies at a wedding and there is normally only about 120 minutes (2 hours) of open dancing at a 5 hour wedding reception.  That really flushes out to be about 40 songs.

I know – the first thing your mind goes to – I’ve got to pick out ALL 40 songs or OMG – I need to spend hours trying to take that 6 hour long Spotify playlist and pair it down to only 40 songs.  Just stop.  That’s what you hired an amazing wedding DJ for.  They will know what songs to play and in what order to keep your guests dancing.  

“BEST. DJ. EVER. (and best photo booth and uplighting)
BEST DJ EVER. People dancing the entire time, which is what we wanted. We had multiple people ask who the DJ was the following day. He is super professional, but also laid back and just so nice! We also did the photo booth which was AMAZING. People also used it the entire night as well. Plus the uplighting made the vibe!! Our wedding was so perfect and a HUGE reason was because Rob was our DJ!!! Can’t recommend enough!!!”

Julie – Hartford CT Wedding DJ with Uplighting

As a wedding DJ, we are tuned into the beat of the crowd, taking in guest requests and have an understanding of what makes the two of you different than the last wedding we DJ’d for.  It’s about morphing into what is needed for the couple and guests infront of us.  What a wedding DJ might play at their Friday night wedding will differ drastically from their Sat and Sun weddings based on the conversations and music suggestions they get from each of their couples and the compilation of wedding guests (age and style) will go into shaping what your wedding DJ will play.  Of course, the energy on the dance floor will help them decide what song to play next.

Yes – you don’t have to worry – it’s what you want – people up and dancing all night at your wedding.  A full dance floor – guaranteed!  Many couples come in with the fear that no one will dance at their wedding.  I think that’s why so many think they need to pick out every song to be played at their wedding (and it never works in the end). I can’t tell you how many times as a wedding DJ, that we have a packed dance floor and a nervous bride tells us to ONLY PLAY SONG from their song list for the rest of the night and the dance floor suffers or dwindles to only a few guests dancing.  It’s like thinking that you can plan everything on your wedding day down to the minute. Just stop driving yourself crazy.  A wedding day should just flow.  There are things that need to be done and done in approximate order, but reality often gets in the way of over planning.  As DJ and Master of Ceremony, it’s your DJs responsibility to try to make everything seem as if it were planned like that – even though, often they are not.  

Music to Dance to At Your Wedding

Sometimes the cater is running late with dinner, so as DJ, we might have guests up and dancing between courses to hide that fact.  Maybe you and dad were supposed to dance after salads were served, but dad decided that would be a perfect time to go back to his hotel room and grab something.  Maybe it’s time to cut the cake, but you need to use the bathroom or you are in the middle of talking with your grandmother.  As professional masters of ceremony, we will just keep things flowing and re-stage it at a later time. Yes – we will keep you, the caterer and photographer informed of these little changes behind the scenes. But “on stage”, your guests will never know that we have deviated from the original plan.

Think back to some of your favorite weddings from the past when you were a guests or in your friend’s wedding party – what was it that made it better than other weddings?  Most people say – it’s the overall feel and party atmosphere of the event.  Rarely do they mention the food or photographer.  From decor lighting and party atmosphere – finding the right DJ is now more important than ever to guarantee that guests are having a great experience at your wedding.

3 Ways To Guarantee Guests Dance At Your Wedding


The Vibe

Find a wedding DJ near you that you vibe with and trust to execute your wedding soundtrack vision.

Don’t skimp on quality – they will be the ones in charge of the flow and energy at your wedding.


Dance Songs

Tell them 5-10 songs that you like to dance to – no need to overdo it. Give them leeway to do what you hired them to do.

What songs will you and your friends get up and dance to?


Just Say No

Tell them about the songs that you absolutely do not want to hear at your wedding – as wedding DJs, we don’t want to find out you hate Happy after we started playing it. The more we know where the song landmines are, the better your wedding will be.

Then, you can relax, and have the time of your life at your wedding, surrounded by friends and family.  Stop sweating the details – that’s what you hired wedding professionals to take care of for you.

Want to learn more about our wedding DJ process?

“Awesome group!
We worked with DJ Pat. We couldn’t have been happier. From the start Rob was quick to respond and got us set up with a DJ that fit our style. Pat then was great about keeping us on our timeline and meeting us on days that worked for us ( we were out of state) to checking in the week before the wedding, sending samples of songs we requested to make sure they were the right versions. The wedding itself was great! Jesse was a hit at the Photo Booth, and Pat kept the guests dancing all night long. Thank you again!!!!”

Alicia – The Log Cabin Holyoke MA Wedding DJ with Photo Booth

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