Non-Traditional Wedding Ideas

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Weddings…they’re a wonderful time to celebrate tradition, to hearken back to the days of old. Well, yes. For some people. But if the idea of strolling down the aisle to the strains of the Wedding March makes your soul shrivel and curl up a little around the edges, then tradition may not be the thing for you.

First, recognize that the only real requirement for your wedding is that you be legally married at the end of it. That, and that it not make your family disown you. But really, only the first is absolutely non-negotiable. So think about it: what would you like to do differently?

The Dress: White, lace, and princessy not your style? No worries. It’s only been in the last hundred years or so that white wedding dresses have been in fashion in this country. Before that, women often just got married in their best gown. If you don’t have a best gown, imagine one. We promise, your marriage will still be legal if you say your vows in lime green. (As a twist, your attendants could wear white!) Or maybe it’s not the white part you object to, but the gown part. We know one bride who wore all white to her outdoor wedding–white leather. After the ceremony, the bride, groom, officiant, and wedding party all hopped onto their Harleys and led the way to the reception site. Awesome.

The Reception: This is the biggest party of your life. Do you want to spend it eating stuffed chicken breast and an insipid salad? If you’re not limited by the constraints of a hotel dining room, you can get almost anything catered that you want. Imagine your guests feasting on chicken tikka masala or pad Thai or shawarma or lamb tagine. Incorporate elements from whatever ethnicity informs your cuisine into the decor, if you like. Of course, a theme need not be ethnic. If the bride and groom are Elvis fans, for instance, some of his well-documented favorite foods could comprise the menu (in which case reception music is a no-brainer). If a certain type of music is important to your theme, let your DJ know–he’ll work with you to get what you need.

The Cake: Every wedding needs a cake, of course. Unless, of course, it needs a gigantic trifle. Or a pie bar. Or an ice cream truck. You get the idea. Of course, if you do want a cake, it doesn’t have to be round, or white, or layered. In the end, whatever wedding dessert you choose should reflect something about you and your spouse. You only get one wedding (if you do it right). Don’t blow it on somebody else’s traditions.