Northampton Mass Wedding – A Unique Town for Distinctive Weddings

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Northampton Mass Weddings are special.  Maybe it’s the college town vibe or the amazing diverse population that is attracted to this area of Western Mass.  Many UMass Grads, Mount Holyoke or Smith College Alumni come back to the area to get married because it’s so different and maybe because it’s where they met their soul-mate.   Some of our Boston area couples want to get away from the city feel of Boston Weddings and decide on a destination wedding in the Northampton area.  Many times, this saves them money as well as Northampton area weddings are much more affordable than the city prices of Boston weddings.

A Northampton Mass Wedding located in Hampshire County can be filled with the artistic, musical and countercultural feel of the city itself.  It is a thriving cultural center and has become a popular tourist destination with its diverse restaurants and vibrant art scene.

There are many great wedding venues in the Northampton area.   Here are the top 5 wedding facilities for your Northampton Mass Wedding:

  1. The Hotel Northampton http://www.hotelnorthampton.com/
  2. The Garden House at Look Park http://www.lookpark.org
  3. The Red Barn at Hampshire College http://www.hampshire.edu/specialprograms
  4. Quonquont Farm in Whatley, MA http://www.quonquont.com
  5. Chandler’s Restaurant in South Deerfield, MA http://www.yankeecandle.com/about-yankee-candle/visit-our-flagship-store/chandlers-restaurant/t

Northampton is not a place for a 300 person wedding.   It’s more about a typical 100-150 person intimate celebration.  A Northampton Mass Wedding is all about New England charm and not the glitz of New York.     There are no lavish banquet halls with marble columns.  No Greek statues or stone fountains.  It’s a lot of wood tones and simple elegance.  Many New England weddings are about the rustic barn feel with a hip twist.

You could take the quaint feel of Quonquont’s barn and add a splash of red LED up-lighting to transform the bland into something amazing.  The old-world charm of Hotel Northampton could be brought out by adding crystals and bling to your table centerpieces.   The outdoor ceremony site at The Garden House in Look Park, the Pines Theatre can be completely transformed with drapery and flowers.   Your outdoor cocktail hour at Chandler’s Restaurant at Yankee Candle could be lit by string lights and candles for a romantic feel all your own.  A Northampton Mass Wedding is a blank canvas for you to paint your personality and bring your wedding plans to life.

The vibe of every wedding is in the details of the décor.  With a little inspiration from Pinterest, The Knot, Style Me Pretty or a local wedding planner, you can develop a theme that is prominent throughout your wedding plans.   We had one couple that happened to be writers, they developed a logo that was on their napkins, cake, projected on the dance floor and designed into their centerpiece.  Find something unforgettable and something that strikes a chord with your personality.  There is nothing like a wedding reception that screams of the personality of the couple getting married.  We had this Northampton couple a few years back that both were in a heavy metal band – yes, I said heavy metal band.  For dinner, we arranged to play 80’s hair-band ballads.  By the end of the dinner, everyone was singing along to Poison and The Scorpions.  The party was just amazing – they had set the tone and infused their personality into another Northampton Mass Wedding.

Ready to plan your own destination Northampton Mass Wedding?  Start by checking the Northampton MA wedding venues and find one that fits your personality.  Good luck and happy wedding!