Not Such A Walk In The Park

  |   Wedding Planning Ideas

Being in your shoes as a bride is very difficult so you need a shoe that’s going to support you! Choosing your wedding shoes, along with your bridesmaid’s shoes, should be a fun experience. But sometimes, shoe shopping can lead to disaster. We set our minds on what we want, but then we get distracted by the cute new boots up front. But not to fear, here are some tips to help you in your shoe shopping mission!:

  • Opposites Attract- If your dress is embellished and decorative go for a simple shoe, on the other hand if your dress is very chic and sleek, go for a more elaborate shoes; they are bound to complement each other nicely.
  • Can You Handle The Truth?- Can you wear heels for a long time or can you not? It’s okay if you can’t; there are so many varieties of shoes without heels for you to try! Or maybe you’re feeling a little adventurous and want to try out some 6 inch pumps, do what is best for you.
  • Colors of the Rainbow- Want to match your shoes to your dress? If yes, take a fabric swatch when you go shoe shopping because not all shades of white are the same! Or if you want to add a pop of color, go for it!