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Our Staff of Wedding DJs and Lighting Technicians

You want a memorable and unique celebration. You want it to be simply fun and romantic. But hiring the wrong DJ can all but ruin your wedding. How do you know what DJ is right for you? Then there is lighting to consider and the photo booth. It is just all so overwhelming. Let us help you make your wedding planning easy with award-winning, uniquely you services packaged to fit both your style and your budget.

About 90% of our business is wedding-related. A wedding can be looked at as a huge theatrical event. You have a cast; wedding party, family & friends. You have behind-the-scene people; photographer & banquet staff. Everyone is looking for direction. That’s us.

Our extraordinary Event Directors/Disc Jockeys not only work at making your party come to life; they help organize the entire event. We are seasoned entertainers that can handle any situation with the greatest of professionalism. What does that mean to you? Your event will go off without a hitch. No worries. No running around trying to coordinate all the details yourself. Just sit back, relax, socialize and have the time of your life.

Learn About Our Origin Stories

Rob Alberti
Entrepreneur, Father, Wedding DJ, Event Lighting Expert, Rocket Scientist, NPR Geek.

He’s been known to play a bit too much Overwatch but still manages a staff of 20 for nearly 400 events each year. How does he do it all? 

It is rumored that he took a super-soldier serum, but it really was just a flavored Baja Blast Mountain Dew.

You can listen to Rob MC wedding introductions and hear dance mixes on  MIXCLOUD

Personal Pronouns: He/Him

Pat Birrell
Drummer, Wedding DJ, Berklee Music School dropout, University of Hartford Graduate, Audio Engineer, thinks his beard is cool.

Can drop a sick beat while hanging string lights in a tent after being bit by a radioactive spider. Loves to do anything outdoors from skiing to kayaking, including CT shoreline weddings in July.

You can listen to Pat MC wedding introductions and hear dance mixes on  MIXCLOUD

Personal Pronouns: He/Him

Jesse Camp
Licensed Electrician, Husband, Father, Northampton Area Wedding DJ.

Equally comfortable climbing ladders installing crystal chandeliers in a barn or out four-wheeling with his wife. He got the mutant DJ gene soon after trade school and has never been the same since.

You can listen to Jesse MC wedding introductions and hear dance mixes on  MIXCLOUD

Personal Pronouns: He/Him

Justin Bousquet
Lead singer in a funk band, Wedding DJ, Recording Studio Audio Engineer, University of Hartford Graduate, Marvel Comic Fanatic

As a small child installed his arc reactor to create a true music fanatic. He’s DJ’d at Gillette Stadium and weddings throughout Western MA. Justin was just named “Star Wars Correspondent” for ABC News World News Now.

You can listen to Justin MC wedding introductions and hear dance mixes on  MIXCLOUD

Personal Pronouns: He/Him

Brett G
Acoustic Instrument Expert, Father, Geology Buff

DJ Brett, was infected with a deadly techno beat-digital virus while kayaking in CT. He was sent into a possible future music timeline Brett grew into the warrior wedding DJ and became an enemy of the deadly floor killer tunes that plague most average wedding DJs.

Personal Pronouns: He/Him

Angus Brewer
Internet Radio DJ and Co-Op lover of fresh, local, and organically grown groceries

Given special DJ abilities from the internet radio DJ gods, Angus has saved wedding guests from listening to boring cliche wedding music for years. His mashups and chill vibe will give your wedding entertainment a unique style.

You can listen to Angus’ dance mixes on  MIXCLOUD

Personal Pronouns: He/Him

Mike Croteau
Musician, Electrician, Lighting Expert, Father with a sweet tooth and love of music

Mike’s form morphs from event to event.  He might be climbing a ladder one day installing string lights in a tent in the Berkshires, next he’s running sound for a wedding ceremony on the CT Shoreline or DJing a school dance in Boston. Mike has been Rob’s right-hand man for years at just about every event. Now, Rob has been assisting Mike as he DJs weddings and most of our school events. Mike was born out of a human and Kree union.  Mike gained his love of music early in life and we all Marvel as sparks fly from his hands when he’s around wedding lighting installations from chandelier rentals to uplighting the outside of a mansion.

You can listen to DJ Mike and hear dance mixes on  MIXCLOUD

Personal Pronouns: He/Him

DJ Aaron D
Tarot Cards, Tacos, Father & Professional Husband

A charming master wedding DJ and skilled MC who became a member of the Rob Alberti crew in 2023, but has been DJing for decades, DJ Aaron possesses the mutant ability to change potential energy in inanimate wedding guests into kinetic energy which causes them to get up and dance. His signature move is throwing his hands in the air and twisting the effects knob on his DJ controller.

Aaron knows how to host a party, is a master at music trivia, and loves spending time with his kids and working with his wife on her own entrepreneur project, but he can’t seem to order tacos on his phone at Bartaco without IT support.

Personal Pronouns: He/Him

Hunter Olin
Metalhead, Sky Swamp Orange Drummer

Fighting for the DJ forces toward better entertainment, Hunter (who has been working as one of our DJ assistants and light techs for years) has joined forces with one of the elemental stones, a metal band, and a 2T hard drive filled with music to become one of our newest wedding DJs. He has the rhythm of a drummer and an ear for music selection.

You can listen to DJ Hunter and hear dance mixes on  MIXCLOUD

Personal Pronouns: He/Him

MC Jim Aldridge
Radio DJ, Wedding Director, Husband, Technology Junky, Patriots Superfan, and the reason why you can’t steal that iphone in Best Buy.

His Banshee-like voice will grab your wedding guests attention so that no one misses those special moments at your downtown Hartford CT or Newport Mansion wedding.

You can listen to Jim MC wedding introductions and hear dance mixes on  MIXCLOUD

Personal Pronouns: He/Him

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