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Local DJs For Weddings - MA CT NY

Local DJs For Weddings

Local DJs For Weddings: When you are planning your wedding – it can be difficult to find just the right local wedding DJ in your area. Not every DJ is the same so don’t be surprised to see a wide variation in both pricing and...

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Outdoor Wedding Lighting Ideas

Outdoor Wedding Lighting Ideas:  Having an outdoor wedding?  Whether you are in a tent in your back yard, rented a barn or are doing everything outside – lighting can transform your wedding space.  We all see those amazing images on Pinterest or Instagram and naturally,...

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Non-Traditional Wedding DJs In My Area

Non-Traditional Wedding DJs In My Area:  What’s the alternative to a standard wedding DJ that plays the same 200 songs at every wedding?  How do you find someone with more refined musical taste…How do you find a DJ who can please a bunch of musicians, music...

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Unique Wedding DJs Near Me

Unique Wedding DJs Near Me:  No one wants a cookie-cutter wedding DJ for their reception.  I am sure you have been to weddings where the DJ just made you cringe every time they got on the microphone.  Maybe it was the three slow dances played...

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6 Ways To Ruin Your Wedding Day

What are 6 Ways To Ruin Your Wedding Day? We have been involved in the wedding days of 1000’s of couples over the past 30+ years. Although weddings have changed drastically over those years (and even in the past 5 years), there are some simple...

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