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Take Me To The Beach

It’s summer season which means beach weddings are getting increasingly more popular. Some might be against the idea due to the thought of the heat, the sand, the unpredictable weather, however, a beach wedding can be absolutely breathtaking between the well said vows and the...

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Music For Cocktail Hour And Dinner

Exactly what type of music should you play during your wedding cocktail or dinner?  You might want to try a different style for each.  Here are a couple of quick clips of different themed wedding cocktail hour music.  We will design a mix of wedding...

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CT Charity Fundraiser Event Lighting

Pharmaceutical Dinners – AV Needs

Pharmaceutical Dinners – AV Needs Pharmaceutical Dinners – AV Needs: Are you having a small corporate dinner? Hosting a pharmaceutical dinner in the back room of a local restaurant?  Need audio/visual support for your event?  Maybe you are not sure if you need a projector,...

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You get what you pay for

In life, it’s pretty much “you get what you pay for” and that is so true in the wedding industry.  There is a reason why one photographer charges more than another or why one venue’s food is more expensive than another.  It’s the quality of...

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