Pleasing A Younger Crowd

  |   Wedding Planning Ideas

To invite children, or not to invite children, that is the question. First, you need to know that your wedding is your special day and it is up to you and your groom to determine if you will invite children or not. This debate is one that comes up in pretty much any wedding. You have those friends or family members with children who think you should include them, and you have other guests who are against it, but in the end it is up to you. If you decide to have younger children at your wedding, there are ways to keep them entertained and happy.

  • Kid’s Meal: If you are having children attend your wedding, chances are they will not want to eat the delicious meal you have chosen to serve your guests. Most kids are happy with some chicken nuggets or mac and cheese, so be sure to include a kids option for your younger guests!
  • Entertainment: Toys, TV, and games are all distractions that children love. If at all plausible, a nice set up in a separate room or at least away from the other guests would be perfect. The children could go play together, watch a movie, etc.
  • Gifts: Arts and crafts such as markers, pencils, and drawing paper, hot wheels for the boys, and princess stickers for the girls are bound to make the children happy and make sure they keep having a good time.