Pleasing The Palette

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No matter what, everyone is going to like different types of foods and drinks, it’s inevitable. Your job is to choose a meal and/or drink that you personally love and will please the majority of your wedding guests. There are several things to take into consideration when making that decision.

  • Your meal should probably be something that fits the season, almost like your flowers have to. For example, a great starter in the winter time would be some sort of a nice soup or other warm meal.
  • Do you want multiple choices of main courses? Typically, the desirable wedding has a few different options for the guests. Usually you tend to see two different options involving meat and an extra choice for the vegetarians.
  • Money is always important; does it fit into your budget? Try not to lose the quality of the food to hire someone who charges less; try to find a happy medium. There are many tricks you can try to save money such as changing your event’s time of day. This makes it easier to only feed your guests one meal.
  • Lastly, you want to think about your signature drink. Whether you want it to be the typical champagne or you choose to make your own it does have to have some thought put into it. Again, keep your guests in mind when choosing.

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