Practice Makes Perfect

  |   Wedding Planning Ideas

The idea of a rehearsal dinner can be overlooked in the wedding planning process, but is incredibly important. Graduations have rehearsals, dance recitals have rehearsals, and yes- weddings need rehearsals too! You do not want to walk into your wedding completely unprepared and unaware of your surroundings. There might be a bit of hesitation due to some extra work and money, but there are so many options!

Where?- Your rehearsal dinner does not have to be very expensive or extravagant, but it needs to be in a convenient location for both you and your guests-especially ones from out of town! Get rid of the stereotypical places you feel like you must have it and just pick somewhere that suits you and your partner!

Who?- Everyone in your wedding party-that includes parents, grandparents, groomsmen, bridesmaids, flower girls, and ring bearers! They need to be able to learn their parts in the wedding, the positions they need to be in, what order to walk in, etc.

How?- How will you pay for it? In the typical wedding world, the groom’s family typically pays, however there are different options. The bride’s family can pay, all families can contribute, and there is always the fun Jack and Jill party!