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DJ Wedding Reception Checklist

DJ Wedding Reception Checklist DJ Wedding Reception Checklist: Many of our wedding couples are looking for advice and guidance while they are planning their wedding ceremony and reception. What order do you do things in? What is required and what can be skipped? What wedding...

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Outdoor Wedding Lighting Ideas

Outdoor Wedding Lighting Ideas:  Having an outdoor wedding?  Whether you are in a tent in your back yard, rented a barn or are doing everything outside – lighting can transform your wedding space.  We all see those amazing images on Pinterest or Instagram and naturally,...

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Non-Traditional Wedding DJs In My Area

Non-Traditional Wedding DJs In My Area:  What’s the alternative to a standard wedding DJ that plays the same 200 songs at every wedding?  How do you find someone with more refined musical taste…How do you find a DJ who can please a bunch of musicians, music...

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Unique Wedding DJs Near Me

Unique Wedding DJs Near Me:  No one wants a cookie-cutter wedding DJ for their reception.  I am sure you have been to weddings where the DJ just made you cringe every time they got on the microphone.  Maybe it was the three slow dances played...

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