Serving Your Guests

  |   Wedding Planning Ideas

The menu is always one of the most difficult parts of planning any wedding. Guests can be picky, vegetarians are always something to worry about, not to mention kid guests! So the ultimate question is can you make everyone happy? Unfortunately, the answer is most likely not everyone, especially if you have a wide range of guests, but there are ways you can help!

  • Always have a vegetarian option-Even if none of your guests are vegetarians, that does not mean that everyone will like the meat you are serving. Now this does not mean that it has to be tofu or eggplant, it can be something simple like pasta. Same thing goes for a vegetarian wedding-unless you have a real problem with something it is always nice to give your non-vegetarian guests an option.
  • Always have a kid’s meal ready- Make sure you know how many kids will be attending and to let your caterer know! Something simple like grilled cheese or chicken fingers usually does the trick just fine.
  • Remember that it is ultimately your choice- It is always nice and very important to keep your guests in mind, but don’t stress yourself out trying to please everyone-find a happy medium and good luck!