Staging The Perfect Wedding

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I was just performing at a wedding and as things started unfolding, it reminded me of what 25 years of experience in the wedding industry has taught me.

Let me tell you a story.  We’ll call my bride “Barbie” to protect the guilty.  Barbie wanted everyone to have fun and dance at her wedding.  Throughout the months prior, I kept providing helpful suggestions to help her stage a great party.  Not every event is the same, but there are many lessons I’ve learned over the years regarding things that DON’T work.

A GREAT  party is STAGED.  I want to emphasis this.  It does not just happen.  It is STAGED.  We can set the tone and create the perfect environment for a party.  It’s about pacing and building energy.

Barbie wanted this great party but she insisted on a few details tat set the wrong environment for her party.  She wanted her live classical musicians from the ceremony to play through social hour.  Then, she wanted them to play through dinner as well.  That’s more than 2 hours of classical music.  That is more than enough to put most people out of the party mood.

When it came to dancing, we were able to get guests up and dancing and we had an active dance floor for nearly 2 hours.  But then, something interesting happened.  There was no more energy in the room.    No matter what style music we played – people just had had enough.  Even Barbie was tired and just wanted to sit and talk with friends and family.

Here are some things to remember:

  1. Your guests are not all 20 something and don’t regularly stay out until midnight
  2. Many of your older guests will leave as soon as it gets dark out – they don’t like to drive at night
  3. Dancing is an aerobic exersise and most of your guests can not do more than 20 minutes of dancing at a time without taking a break
  4. Standing outside in 95 degree hot and humid weather will suck the energy out of just abut everyone – think about that before having your outdoor ceremony in August.  (We just had a Justice of the Peace faint at an outdoor ceremony!)
  5. Everyone loves air conditioning
  6. After 45 minutes of flute music – nearly everyone wants to shove that metal rod down her throat just to make it stop
  7. Classical music or instrumental music will NOT build energy for your guests.  Opt for more upbeat music during cocktails and dinner to keep the energy alive at your party
  8. Your master of ceremony and Rob Alberti’s Event Services DJ know how to stage a great party – ask us for suggestion.  Let us help you create the perfect atmosphere for your celebration