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Thinking about returning to summer camp for your wedding reception?  You are not the only one!  We have done so many summer camp weddings in the past couple years that I thought it was time to write a little about having a summer camp wedding.

Here are some helpful tips for having a successful summer camp wedding:

  1. Hire a wedding planner – there are too many moving parts for you to manage on your own with a weekend’s worth of activities
  2. Hire an outside cleaning crew – do a REAL CLEANING JOB for the building space you are using for your dinner/dancing.  They may look relatively clean but they desperately need a thorough cleaning and dusting of the beams
  3. Tour the spaces you are using at dusk – see where additional lighting will be needed for your activities and your guest’s safety (We can help with that!)
  4. Having a band?  Hire a DJ to do your wedding after-party or for karaoke fun one of the nights.  Keep your guests entertained.
  5. If you have elderly guests, help them get around from space to space (golf cart)

Please enjoy some photos from summer camp weddings that we’ve done in the past.

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