The Bachelor Party

  |   Wedding Planning Ideas

A lot of brides are concerned with their groom’s bachelor party. Here are some steps you can take to make sure you are worry-free!

  • Limitations: You should express to your groom what you feel comfortable with him doing for his bachelor party. Just sit down and be open about what you are feeling. It is important that there is communication and trust in the relationship enough to talk about these types of things.
  • All The Possibilities: There are tons of options for him and his guys besides the stereotypical strip club if you both have decided against that. They could go away for the weekend, go hiking, skiing, or whatever they all enjoy. Be sure to talk about all of the possibilities!
  • Don’t Be Selfish: Try to keep in mind that you have a bachelorette party coming up too! Expect that if you are actively involved in the decisions made for his bachelor party, he is likely to expect to be a part of planning yours- let him!
  • Don’t Panic: On the big night, please do not watch the clock! Trust him, he is your fiancé after all! If it would help you, go occupy yourself somehow. Maybe go out with some of your girls or spend some quality bride time pampering yourself. And most importantly, do not worry!