The Best Man’s Speech

  |   Wedding Planning Ideas

Now we normally recommend that a speech be limited to only a couple minutes.  The facility bases the meal timing on a short best man speech.  Every minute they run over, the meal stands to not be timed correctly.  Also, every minute you use up means less time to dance later.   The video clip below however is absolutely the exception.  Please watch it completely through.  It’s worth it.

Also, for anyone giving speech/toast using our wireless mic – here are a few pointers.

  • Keep the microphone about 1″ away from your mouth at all times.  If you keep moving the microphone, the volume of your voice will keep changing.

  • The microphone will already be ON.  All you need to do is pick it up.  It will be stationed at the BRIDE/GROOM’s table.  Do not walk up to the DJ booth after we’ve told you that it’s with the BRIDE/GROOM.

  • We will not turn up the volume until we introduce you. Smacking the microphone will not cause us to turn it on any sooner.  Smacking the microphone is also not a good way to test a microphone.  Try saying “HELLO”.

  • When you are done with your toast/speech, simply put the microphone back down where you found it.  DO NOT PRESS ANY BUTTONS. We might have someone else using it after you.  We’ll take care of the rest.