The Face of Your Big Day

  |   Wedding Planning Ideas

Yes, I am talking about your face. So you’ve got your hair done, what’s next? Um, hello? Make up! Not only will all your friends and family be seeing you, but there will be cameras with the focus on you all night long! So make sure you’re looking and feeling your best. Here are some tips:

  • Waterproof is the way to go. There will be sweating and there will be tears no matter how hard you try to stop them. Making sure your make up is waterproof is fool-proof. You will stay looking as perfect as ever the whole day no matter what may happen.
  • Turning day into night is critical for any evening wedding. During the ceremony it is most likely still going to be bright outside. But when the party starts, snaz up your make up. Make it more dramatic and have fun with it, it’s your big day!
  • Make your eyes pop! Of course your dress, flowers, and all your accessories will make your photos beautiful, but to go the extra miles make sure your eyes are noticed. Use eye shadows that correspond with your eye color to let them reach their full potential.

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